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Walthers Mfg # 223

Description: Con-Cor carries approximately 2000 products in HO and N scales. They offer plastic freight car and passenger car kits as well as powered and non-powered locomotives. Additionally they offer a vehicle series in HO scale, Route 66, which includes a wide variety of tractor/trailers and U-haul trucks. Con-Cor also manufactures a line of stucture kits in both HO and N scales. Prices on the freight and passenger cars range from $6 to $17, locomotives range from $50 to $90, vehicles range from $3 to $15 and structures range from $5 to $30. Con-Cor is located in Tucson, AZ and has been in business since 1959.

Delivery Information: Con-Cor is a batch producer and may be out of stock of several items for long periods of time.

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