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JMD Plastics
Walthers Mfg # 374

JMD Plastics was founded in 2009 by John DeBeck, and is located in Green Bay, WI. JMD Plastics manufactures STRAIGHTRACKIT, CURVETRACKIT, EXTRATRACKIT, and SUPERTRACKIT track laying tools for most scales that allow people to lay perfect straights and curves up to 48" radius in the matter of a minute or two. Tremendous time savings and accuracy are guaranteed when using these products. They also manufacturer INSTANT TRACK TACK IT, a humidity resistant glue which ballasts the track fast and hard with just a water spray-over. In addition, JMD Plastics makes deciduous and evergreen trees for all scales.

Scales: HO, N, Z, G, O, S, HOn3, On30, Sn3
Featured: Styrene Sheet Plastic, HO scale people, trees for all scales, humidity resistant ballast glue, track laying tools for most scales
Eras: Products reach across every era
Price: $3.00-$198.00 depending on products ordered
Delivery Info: JMD Plastics ships all over the world.

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