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Founded in 1946, PECO is one of the world's major suppliers of model railroad track, offering products from Z to G scales. All are made at the company's plant in the United Kingdom to maintain the highest levels of quality and availability at all times. Key product features include:
- Crisp, accurate detail on ties and rail fixtures
- Positive over-center spring action on the tie bar: turnouts can used out of the box
- Solid nickel silver rail for best electrical conductivity
- Wide selection of flex track and other components, including switches and turnouts
- Two types of self-isolating turnouts with different electrical features: Electrofrog with nickel-silver frogs (no castings), and Insulfrog with plastic frogs.

PECO also produces a wide selection of plastic kits, accessories and electrical components. The company also publishes model railroad books and guides, as well as Railway Modeller, and Continental Modeller magazines.

Check out these featured track products from PECO!

PECO Streamline HOn3 Code 70 Flex Track
Build authentic 3' gauge layouts quickly and easily with this high-quality track produced to NMRA standards. Each piece each follows typical American practices, with accurately sized "wood" ties with wood grain detail, and solid nickel silver Code 70 rail spiked directly to the ties, typical of the no frills construction used to build many narrow gauge lines. The selection includes 3' (appropriately!) long sections of flex track, as well as #5 Left and Right Hand Turnouts.

PECO Streamline N scale Code 55 asymmetric three-way turnout
Busy passenger stations, major freight yards, shops and more - anywhere there's complex track work is easy to model with this space-saving three-way turnout. Like other products in the PECO Streamline Code 55 line, it combines fine scale appearance with rugged design for good looks and great performance. Inside rail clearances accommodate most wheels, and the rail profile can also be connected to the Code 80 system without any special rail joiners.
Length: 6 inches, Radius: 18 inches each side - approximate to #6, Crossing angle: 10°




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