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Walthers Passenger Cars
HO Amtrak® Superliner® I & II Cars

• Full Interiors
• Built-In Electrical Contacts for New Interior Lighting Kit
• Upgraded Trucks w/Metal Sideframes
• All Cars Wear Amtrak Phase IVb Scheme
• Correct Details
• Wire Grab Irons
• Working Diaphragms
• Knuckle Couplers

Fall 2007 Delivery
Superliner I
932-6164 Coach
932-6174 Sleeper
Superliner II
932-6102 Coach
932-6112 Sleeper

Winter 2007-08 Delivery
Superliner I
932-6184 Diner
932-6194 Sightseer Lounge
Superliner II
932-6122 Sightseer Lounge
932-6132 Diner

HO Superliner Interior Lighting Kit
Fall 2007 Delivery

• Fits New Amtrak Superliner Cars
• Completely Assembled
• For DC or DCC Layouts

HO Superliner Airbag Trucks
Fall 2007 Delivery
933-1320 Superliner I As-Delivered (1 Pair)

• Revised Design
• Metal Sideframes
• RP-25 Metal Wheels

HO Superliner GSC Trucks
Fall 2007 Delivery
933-1321 For Superliner II (1 Pair)

• Revised Design
• Metal Sideframes
• RP-25 Metal Wheels

Superliner II Sleeper
932-6112 Superliner II Sleeper, Image Courtesy of Bruce Jacobs
Superliner I Coach
932-6164 Superliner I Coach
Superliner I Sleeper
932-6174 Superliner I Sleeper
Superliner II Coach
932-6102 Superliner II Coach, Images Courtesy of T.J. Van Haag
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Amtrak Superliner
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