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Name TrainsWelcome to Walthers Name Train Page. Here you can access all the exciting details of our Name Trains past and present. From the Great Northern to the Broadway Limited, you can find product information, pictures and other great facts about Walthers Name Trains.

  • The New 1960s Broadway Limited


    America's finest long-distance train of the 1960s.

    Broadway Limited
  • B & O Capitol Limited


    New Exclusive from Walthers - Baltimore & Ohio's famed flagship!

    Capitol Limited
  • Announcing Walthers newest Name Train - the San Francisco Chief!


    WalthersProto® brings you all the highly detailed models you need to build an authentic consist!

    San Francisco Chief
  • Introducing the New & Improved Empire Builder!


    America's Great Domed Luxury Train - the Most Beautiful Passenger Train in the Nation.

    Great Northern
  • The Super Chief is Back


    Plated to Match El Capitan & other ATSF Streamliners

    Super Chief
  • Pere Marquette


    The pride of the C&O postwar streamliner service!

    Pere Marquette
  • Amfleet Cars


    New from Roof to Rails.

  • Metroliner


    Revolutionizing Railroading: The Fastest Scheduled Trains in the Western Hemisphere.

  • El Capitan


    One of Santa Fe's Most Popular Trains.

    El Capitan
  • 20th Century Limited


    No other train fired the imagination of the American public like New York Central's 20th Century Limited.

    20th Century Limited
  • UP Cities


    Streamliner trains that set a new standard for luxury.

    UP Cities
  • Milwaukee Road


    Long-distance luxury in new colors.

    Milwaukee Road
  • Hiawatha


    The fastest and best the Milwaukee Road had to offer.

  • Great Northern


    Relive the glory year of Great Northern's Empire Builder.

    Great Northern

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