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HO Scale Rocky Point Lighthouse
Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- Walthers announces the release of its Cornerstone Series® Gold Ribbon SeriesTM HO Scale Rocky Point Lighthouse kit. This easy-to-build kit, complete with interior light and flashing beacon, is scheduled for delivery in October, 2000.

From the time the first lighthouse was lit at Alexandria, Egypt in 300 B.C., lighthouses have been an integral part of maritime navigation. These beacons are an aid to navigation on oceans and lakes, keeping ship captains on course and away from danger.

The new Cornerstone Series® Gold Ribbon SeriesTM Rocky Point Lighthouse, 933-3603 $49.98, is the first easy-to-build plastic North American lighthouse kit in HO scale. Based on a typical lighthouse with attached keeper's quarters, this new model makes a valuable addition to any waterfront model railroad scene.

Rocky Point Lighthouse, like all Cornerstone Series® Gold Ribbon SeriesTM kits, features finely detailed, snap-together main components molded in realistic colors. Fewer pieces mean quick assembly with minimal gluing and a detailed, finished look with no painting required. Interior lighting effects include a flashing light for the tower and a fixed light inside the keeper's quarters. The finished model measures: 3 x 8-1/8 x 8-7/8".

Whether standing vigil at the entrance to the harbor, perched high on shoreline cliffs or at the point of a breakwater, this new structure is sure to add interest to any steam- or diesel-era HO layout. Modelers can also use it to imply a body of water by placing it on the edge of a cliff towards the backdrop. The "water" would be below the cliff extending into the backdrop in an area not visible from the front of the layout. Maritime modelers will also find it a good focal point for dioramas.

The Cornerstone Series® Gold Ribbon SeriesTM Rocky Point Lighthouse is available only from Walthers dealers. To locate a dealer, use our dealer locator at www.walthers.com. Contact Walthers at 414-527-0770 or write Walthers, PO Box 3039, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3039.

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