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Cinder Conveyor and Ash Pit

New Cinder Conveyor Introduces Engine Servicing Facility Series
Milwaukee, Wis. -- Walthers is pleased to introduce the all-new Engine Servicing Facility series of HO Scale Cornerstone Series® kits. For the first time, modelers will have accurate roundhouses, turntables and related buildings to handle the largest steam or diesel power. The first release, the Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit will be available in October 2003.
When railroads ran on coal, "cleaning the fire" was a daily ritual. If too much ash and cinder accumulated in the ashpan, the grates could become blocked, robbing the fire of oxygen. As locomotives grew, so did the need for equipment that could handle more ash in less time. First appearing in the late 1920s, commercial cinder conveyors streamlined the work and greatly reduced labor costs. Most major terminals received at least one, but two or more could be built side-by-side to handle a greater number of locos if needed. Cinder conveyors were also installed at some refueling stops along the mainline, so that any engine with a smaller ashpan could complete its run. Rugged, reliable and easy to maintain, conveyors remained in use until the end of the steam era.
Walthers new model marks the first time that a Cinder Conveyor has been offered as an easy-to-build, plastic kit. The model is based on a Fairbanks-Morse design introduced in the late 1920s, which was sold to railroads all over the U.S., so it will fit virtually any layout. The most visible portion is the detailed "steel" tower, which is capped by a small machinery house. The dump chute and ash-handling bucket are separate pieces that can be installed to simulate a machine in use or at rest. The kit also includes a detailed ash pit that mounts under the tracks for added realism. Measuring just 3-1/16 x 2-1/8 x 5-1/2", it's a realistic detail that can easily be added to any existing terminal scene. A set of decal signs and illustrated step-by-step instructions round out the model.
For operation-oriented modelers, the finished Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit provides a new assignment for switch crews. A typical facility generated tons of cinders each day, which railroads reclaimed for use as fill and ballast. The conveyor was designed to load directly into a waiting gondola, and crews will need to move empty or loaded cars during an operating session.
The Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit (933-3181, $24.98) will be available from Walthers in October. For more information on Walthers HO Scale Cornerstone Series kits, or to locate a dealer, visit Walthers on the Internet at walthers.com. Call 414-527-0770 or write Walthers, PO Box 3039, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3039.

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