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8-1-2 Sleeper

8-1-2 Sleeper Joins Walthers Heavyweight Car Collection

Milwaukee, Wis. -- Walthers announces the release of the latest in a new series of Pullman-built heavyweight cars in HO Scale, the 8-1-2 Sleeper. These fully-assembled and highly detailed models are based on plan #3979-A and will be available in December 2004 and January 2005, priced at just $41.98 each.

Since rolling out its Budd and Pullman-Standard streamlined cars, Walthers passenger cars have continuously broken new ground and the new Heavyweights are no exception.

Modelers who appreciate truly realistic details will be amazed by the full interiors. All of the seating, walls and fixtures are molded as separate parts. This permits incredible detailing, with upper berths folded against the ceiling and rubber tiles on the floors where they were found on the prototype. In addition, parts are molded in realistic colors and some are painted to bring the interior to a new level of realism.

And for the first time, these cars will come with side door handrails installed, while a complete set of add-on handrails and grab irons are provided for those who wish to superdetail their models.

Additional features include: scale dimensions and rivets, a full underbody, removable roof with air conditioning ducts, scale set-back windows, machinery® semi-scale knuckle couplers, correct trucks with RP-25 metal wheels, factory-installed electrical pickups (interior lighting kits will be offered separately; #933-1087 for DC $10.98 and #933-1088 for DCC $7.98), swinging drawbars to handle layout curves down to a 24-inch radius, and working diaphragms.

By the mid-1920s, the general public was requesting more private accommodations aboard Pullman cars. And many were willing to pay the extra fares for the privilege. As a compromise, Pullman introduced a new plan with an 8-1-2 interior arrangement, which offered a wider selection of sleeping space for every budget while still carrying a large number of passengers.

Most of the interior was given over to eight open sections, which featured upper and lower berths. For those who wanted a bit more space and privacy, two mid-priced compartments were available. These also provided upper and lower berths, along with their own sink and toilet. For those who needed plenty of room, such as a family traveling together, a single drawing room was provided. This was the largest and most expensive of all Pullman accommodations, providing the same features as a compartment, as well as a sofa. If needed, small doors between each private room could be unlocked to create a larger suite.

A popular car on luxury trains for many years, Walthers new 8-1-2 is based on the 242 cars built to Pullman plan #3979-A between 1928 and 1930. The model represents cars modernized in the 30s with mechanical air conditioning, some of which remained in service into the early 1960s. Some retired cars were converted to maintenance-of-way sleepers, and were used into the 1980s.

The new 8-1-2 Sleepers will be available painted and lettered in the following schemes; car name and number decals are also provided so several can be used in the same train:

932-10051 Pullman
932-10052 Santa Fe
932-10053 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
932-10054 Pennsylvania
932-10055 Union Pacific (gray)
932-10056 Chicago & North Western
932-10057 New York Central
932-10058 Union Pacific (yellow)
932-10059 Southern Pacific
932-10060 Baltimore & Ohio
932-10061 Denver & Rio Grande Western
932-10062 Milwaukee Road
932-10063 Great Northern
932-10050 Undecorated

The new Pullman 8-1-2 Sleepers will be available starting in December 2004. For more information on this new model, or to locate a dealer, visit Walthers on the Internet at www.walthers.com. Call 414-527-0770 or write Walthers, PO Box 3039, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3039.

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