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70' Heavyweight Coach

New Walthers 70' Heavyweight Coaches Model Common Santa Fe Prototype

Milwaukee, Wis. – Walthers expands its series of HO Scale passenger cars with a new collection of Santa Fe 70' Heavyweight Coaches. The ready-to-run models (#932-10350 series) are priced at just $44.98 and will be arriving in April 2006.

Throughout the 19th century, passenger cars on the Santa Fe underwent a slow but steady evolution. In addition to new technology such as air brakes and knuckle couplers, the cars also grew longer. By the 1880s, the road had begun building and buying 70' cars, which became the standard length for all future equipment. Early in the 20th century, a new generation of 70' wood and steel coaches, smoking cars and chair cars were purchased from Pullman. The basic designs were reworked as all-steel cars in 1913, and served as the basis for subsequent orders through the final heavyweight purchases of the 1930s.

Santa Fe’s heavyweight coaches were distinctive cars, with unique, large windows, straight-equalized trucks, “fishbelly” center sill and channel side sill that gave them a solid appearance. Inside, their seating and restroom/lounge accommodations made them comfortable for overnight coach travel. In service, the cars operated system-wide on all types of trains. In later years, some were rebuilt for other purposes (including horse cars) and many were reassigned to work train service, but some remained in passenger service until the late 60s.

The new Walthers Santa Fe 70' Heavyweight Coach is patterned after the Pullman-built 3060-Series coaches ordered in 1930 (the last heavyweights delivered to the Santa Fe); they are also identical to the earlier 3050-Series cars. Previous classes of coaches were very similar in appearance.

Like other Walthers heavyweight passenger cars, Santa Fe 70' Heavyweight Coaches feature detailed plastic bodies, multi-colored interiors and working diaphragms. The smaller length of these cars makes them ideal for most layouts, especially those with sharper curves. The cars ride on authentic replicas of the Santa Fe-style trucks and, as with other Walthers passenger cars, magnetic knuckle couplers and turned-metal wheelsets are included. The cars are factory-assembled, but for modelers wishing to add more detail, a full set of formed wire grab irons is provided. These are easily mounted using drill starter points molded on the body. Each car features factory-installed electrical contacts and mounting points for easy installation of Walthers Passenger Car Interior Lighting Kits, sold separately. Car number decals are included for modelers who wish to expand their fleet.

Santa Fe 70' Heavyweight Coaches $44.98 Each:
932-10351 ATSF (Pullman Green w/black roof)
932-10352 ATSF (Pullman Green w/silver roof)
932-10353 ATSF (two-tone gray)
932-10350 Undecorated

The new Santa Fe 70' Heavyweight Coaches are coming in April 2006. For more information on Walthers HO Scale passenger cars, or to locate a dealer, visit Walthers on the Internet at walthers.com. Call 414-527-0770 or write Walthers, PO Box 3039, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3039.

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