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Proto MAX™ Couplers

Proto MAX™ Couplers Now Available

Walthers announces that its line of Proto MAX™ couplers, which are standard equipment for all Walthers HO Scale cars and locos, are now available separately.

Fast Facts: First patented in 1873 by Eli H. Janney, automatic knuckle couplers were a huge step forward, eventually replacing the deadly "link and pin" couplers that required trainmen to stand between cars. Equipped with a pivoting hook, the knuckle coupler would automatically close when two cars were pushed together. Uncoupling was also made easier as a trainman could stand alongside the car and simply raise a lever to release the knuckles. The closed hooks resembled clasped hands, and soon became known as "knuckle couplers." The basic design worked so well that it's still used on all types of equipment today.

Features: Proto MAX™ Couplers are made tough for years of dependable operation. Each features a die cast metal head and shank, a separate metal centering spring and plastic draftgear boxes. The magnetic action works with all popular brands of magnetic knuckle couplers, and fits the standard coupler boxes found on most HO Scale cars and locos. Two specialized couplers are available, the Short-Shank Type for close-coupling locomotives such as A and B units, and the Reverse Trip Pin designed for the pilot of E and F Units. Delivering premium quality at an affordable price, these four sets are now in stock:

HO Proto MAX™ Magnetic Knuckle Couplers

920-6000 Standard Type 20 Pair
Retail Price: $24.98
920-6001 Standard Type 4 Pair
Retail Price: $7.98
920-6005 Short Shank Type 4 Pair
Retail Price: $7.98
920-6006 Reverse Trip Pin 4 Pair
Retail Price: $7.98

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