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PROTO 1000™ R17 Subway Cars

New Subway Cars For Urban Transportation

Walthers is pleased to announce a new paint scheme and roadnumbers for PROTO 1000™ R17 Subway Cars. These new cars feature a Tuscan paint scheme and come in a set of four with one powered and three unpowered cars.

Fast Facts: The R17 class of cars was one of three fleets purchased in the mid-1950s to replace many of the pre-WWII Interboro Rapid Transit cars. Built by St. Louis Car Company, there were 4000 cars in the class. Their most distinctive feature was the circular window on the car end doors. Electrical components were split between General Electric (cars 6500-6699) and Westinghouse Electric (cars 6700-6899). Cars 6800-6809 were delivered with air conditioning but the experiment failed and they were refitted with standard axiflow fans. During the course of their careers, two cars were wrecked in 1957 and three cars were destroyed by fire in 1964. On February 29, 1988 the last car left service. Today, several survive in museum collections.

Features: PROTO 1000 R17 Subway Cars are equipped with factory-applied pantograph gates, a five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels and PROTO-Max™ all-metal knuckle couplers. They feature directional and interior lighting. One powered car and three unpowered cars are included in each set.

Expected Delivery Date: Available Now
Scale: HO
Retail Price: $219.98
920-31017 PROTO 1000 R17 Subway Car 4-Pack

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