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  • You do not have to fill in all the fields to conduct a search.

  • Use keywords that are a singular tense. For example: turntable not, turntables.

  • In the part number XXX-YYYY, "XXX" is the manufacturer and "YYYY" is the item number.

  • Narrow your search by using multiple keywords, searching by scale and/or by manufacturer

  • Search for different forms of abbreviations. For example, if C&NW doesn't return the item you are looking for, try searching for CNW.

  • Select the locomotive category with a road name abbreviation as keywords when searching for a locomotive.

  • Select the train set category and enter a manufacturer name or number in the manufacturer field when searching for train sets. For additional help browsing train sets, try our Train Set Chooser!

  • For a list of all manufacturer names and numbers click here

For a listing of US and Canadian road names, click here

For a listing of European road names and eras, click here

For more search tips, click here

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