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From the introduction of the M-10000 in 1934, Union Pacific set a new standard for luxury with its Streamliner trains. As ridership grew in the late 30s, UP ordered new equipment to provide daily service. Although WWII brought an abrupt halt to the project, by 1946, UP and partners CNW, SP and Wabash had over 100 new cars on order to begin daily "City" runs on several routes. As delivery delays mounted and competitors rolled out new trains, UP opted to rebuild some prewar cars and ordered still more new equipment. While other roads began cutting back in the 1950s, UP expanded service with new "Astra Dome" coaches, lounges and diners. And in 1955, a new service agreement saw Milwaukee Road cars added to UP trains. Despite its ongoing investment in new equipment -- by 1965, UP had purchased 642 brand-new cars -- and commitment to service, losses escalated and UP turned over operation of its trains to Amtrak on May 1, 1971. Today, several original "City" cars survive in museums, as well as in UP's excursion fleet, which sees service behind the company's restored steam and diesel power.

Walthers newest name train makes it easy to model these great streamliners in HO and includes:

  • Complete Consists for:
    -City of Los Angeles 1955-60
    -City of San Francisco 1955-60
    -Challenger 1955-58
  • Great Starting Point for modeling:
    -City of Portland 1955-59
    -City of Denver 1955-59
    -City of St. Louis 1955, 1958-60s
    -Combined City of Los Angeles/San Francisco 1960s
    -Combined City of Portland/Denver 1959-1960s

Product Listings

Union Pacific City Cars
Now with Factory-Installed Grab Irons & Handrails
Surrounded by western lore and breathtaking scenery, travel aboard Union Pacific's City trains rose to a new level with the arrival of "Astra Dome" cars in the mid-1950s. Riders aboard the great "Domeliners" enjoyed daily service and a view that was second to none between Chicago and points west. And now, modeling these great streamliners is easy, with this exciting series of Walthers models:


PROTO 2000® UP EMD E8 Diesels
  • Train Number Decals
  • Matching Paint & Lettering
  • Sound & DCC or Standard DC Versions
A-B Sets
920-41350 #933 & 939B w/Sound & DCC
920-41353 #937 & 946B w/Sound & DCC
920-48350 #931 & 933B Standard DC
920-48353 #938 & 938B Standard DC

A Units Only
920-41351 #930 w/Sound & DCC
920-41354 #940 w/Sound & DCC
920-48351 #939 Standard DC
920-48354 #934 Standard DC

B Units Only
920-41352 #937B w/Sound & DCC
920-41355 #948B w/Sound & DCC
920-48352 #945B Standard DC
920-48355 #936B Standard DC

Imperial… Series 4-4-2 Sleeper
Imperial… Series 4-4-2 Sleeper
P-S Plan #4069H

932-9490 Union Pacific
932-9491 Undecorated
Baggage-Dormitory - #6000-6008
ACF Lot #3029

932-9560 Union Pacific
932-9561 Undecorated
Placid… Series 11 Double-Bedroom Sleeper
Placid… Series 11 Double-Bedroom Sleeper P-S Plan #4198
932-9500 UP
932-9501 Undecorated
Baggage - #5631-5663 ACF Lot #3810
(8 Cars) & #4094 (25 Cars)

932-9570 Union Pacific
932-9571 Undecorated
Ocean… Series 5-2-2 Sleeper
Ocean… Series 5-2-2 Sleeper
P-S Plan #4200 Lot #6960

932-9510 Union Pacific
932-9511 Undecorated
Pacific… Series 10-6 Sleeper
Pacific… Series 10-6 Sleeper Budd
Job #9660-039

932-9610 Union Pacific
City Series 5 Double Bedroom Buffet Lounge
City Series 5 Double Bedroom Buffet Lounge P-S Plan #4199
932-9520 Union Pacific
932-9521 Undecorated
Dome-Coach - #7000-7009
ACF Lot #4097

932-9580 Union Pacific
932-9581 Undecorated
44-Seat Coach
44-Seat Coach - #5450-5487 ACF Lot #3812 & 4095
932-9530 Union Pacific
932-9531 Undecorated
Dome-Diner - #8000-8009
ACF Lot #4098

932-9590 Union Pacific
932-9591 Undecorated
48-Seat Diner
48-Seat Diner - #4800-4817
ACF Lot #3032

932-9540 Union Pacific
932-9541 Undecorated
American… Series 6-6-4 Sleeper
American… Series 6-6-4 Sleeper
P-S Plan #4099

932-9620 Union Pacific (Unskirted)
Cafe-Lounge - #5000-5006
ACF Lot #3031

932-9550 Union Pacific
932-9551 Undecorated
Observation-Dome-Lounge -
#9000-9014 ACF Lot #4096

932-9600 Union Pacific
932-9601 Undecorated

Product Features

UP City Trains Now with Factory-Installed Grab Irons & Handrails
  • 14 New HO Models
  • Based on Equipment used 1942-1971
  • Prototypically tinted green windows
  • Correctly painted grabs as appropriate
  • Authentic Paint, Lettering & Striping
  • Car Name & Number Decals as Appropriate
  • Superb Detail Inside & Out
  • Proto MAX™ Metal Knuckle Couplers
  • Correct Trucks with RP-25 Metal Wheels
  • Matching PROTO 2000 E8 Diesels
  • Great with MILW Yellow & Gray Cars too!
UP City Trains Available Only with First Edition Models
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Special Equipment History
  • Limited Production First Edition Packaging
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Consist Info

The first three trains in this chart are typical City Streamliner consists (each day's train varied by season and demand) that you can model using Walthers cars. The Walthers UP City cars are also great starting points for the five additional trains shown.
Consist Info

Other Modeling Info

Route Map

UP Cities Newsletters

In case you missed one of our UP Cities Newsletters, here are all three newsletters that were sent out. These PDF files contain additional modeling resources and product highlights. They provide great information for anyone looking to model the UP streamliners.
10/14/09 UP Newsletter #1 (726 K, PDF format)
10/28/09 UP Newsletter #2 (625 K, PDF format)
11/11/09 UP Newsletter #3 (700 K, PDF format)
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