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Listed in ALL Scales, category: Adhesives/Cleaners/Lubricants Lubricant Set
Life-Like Products
All-Purpose Maintenance Kit
Life-Like Products #1418
UPC: 616374048144

Walthers Part # 433-1418, p. 852 Walthers 2015 HO Scale Reference
A scale, $19.98, sold out at Walthers


Keep Your Railroad Running Smoothly

This handy kit includes everything you need to keep your railroad running reliably. Keep rails shiny and electrically conductive with liquid track cleaner that's great for removing grease from the railheads, and an abrasive track cleaner for removing oxidation. Check electrical continuity on your track and wiring with the electrical tester. Also included are an oil gun for bearing lubrication and a grease gun for pinpoint application to gears.

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