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Listed in HO Scale, category: Locomotives/Traction Steam 0-8-0 RTR Plus Add-On Details
PROTO 2000 Heritage Steam Collection USRA 0-8-0 w/Sound & DCC - Powered
WalthersProto #60110

Painted, Unlettered
Walthers Part # 920-60110
HO scale, $439.98, sold out at Walthers


More Variety for Steam- and Transition-Era Railroads

* New Roadnames & Numbers
* Sound & DCC or Standard DC Versions Sound can be operated with standard DC power pack as well as DCC controllers. Sound features include: Dual Steam Engine Sounds, Whistle, Bell, Squealing Brakes, Doppler Effect, Air Let Off (in neutral), Headlight, and Trailer which mutes whistle and bell for double-heading. Includes QSI Sound Reference Manual.
* Loco & Tender Electrical Pick-Up
* Improved Tractive Effort - Now With Traction Tires
* Weighted for Maximum Tractive Effort - Pulls 60 or More Cars
* Nickel-Silver Plated RP-25Wheels
* Operating Cab Windows and Meticulously Detailed Cab Interior
* Tender Coal Bunker Style as Appropriate to Road
* Slow Speed Less than 3 Scale Miles Per Hour and up to 59 Scale Miles Per Hour Fast Speed
* 10-Page History Booklet & Certificate of Quality
By 1917, the arrival of larger and much heavier freight cars had pushed most 0-6-0 designs to their limits. Realizing that railroads needed bigger and more powerful switchers to handle these modern cars, the United States Railway Administration developed plans for an all-new 0-8-0.
Up-to-date in all respects, these big switchers were the equals in power of many road freight locomotives from just a few years earlier! Unlike some USRA designs, the 0-8-0 was well liked by the railroads that received it; 175 were completed before government control ended in 1920.
But the 0-8-0's ultimate success came in the years that followed as the USRA design was eventually copied by 35 different roads. In fact, the last new steam locos built in the US were a series of 0-8-0s, constructed by the N&W in 1951-53 that followed the general outline of the decades-old USRA design.

Sound & DCC Decoder Equipped
B&M #612
B&M #618
CB&Q #540
CB&Q #544
NKP #206
NKP #207
NP #1170
NP #1171
Pere Marquette #1401
Pere Marquette #1406
Painted, Unlettered

Standard DC
B&M #630
CB&Q #547
NKP #205
NP #1172
Pere Marquette #1410
Painted, Unlettered



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