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Listed in HO Scale, category: Structures Business/Commercial Building Retail Assembled
10th World Comics
WalthersTrainline #807
UPC: 616374063864

Assembled - 3 x 4 x 4-3/8" 7.6 x 10.1 x 11.1cm
Walthers Part # 931-807, p. 469 Walthers 2016 HO Scale Reference
HO scale, $24.98, currently in stock at Walthers
This product is on-sale today for $20.98

Super Storefront for Main Street
* Fully Assembled * Molded in Colors * Completely Decorated * Colorful Applied Signs & Window Graphics * Perfect for City Streets
This classic storefront is ideal for a small town or big city commercial district. The 3-story building has a classic "brick" exterior typical of those seen across the continent.
NOTE: Figures and vehicles shown in photo not included.

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