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Walthers Rolling Stock
Gold Line(R) 40' Ortner 100-Ton Open Aggregate Hopper Ready to Run 3-Pack
Walthers Rolling Stock #37072
UPC: 616374053193

Walthers Part # 932-37072
HO scale, $44.98, sold out at Walthers

One of the most distinctive cars in service today, the Ortner 100-Ton Aggregate Cars are built for rough service and heavy hauling. Like other three-bay open hoppers, you'll find them hard at work moving limestone, iron ore, gravel, sand and similar materials. But what sets the Ortner apart from the pack is their unique appearance, designed to increase carrying capacity and reduce costs. With their big, square bodies that stand nearly 12' above the rails, they have a look like no other rail car. The body measures just over 30' inside. But to help carry the enormous load and reduce the possibility of damaging the rails, the weight is spread out over a long 43' 10" frame. This leaves large porches at both ends of the car, which are equipped with handrails much like a locomotive. Brake equipment is easy to reach, and some owners have used this extra space to install controls for air-operated discharge doors which speed unloading.
This HO Scale Gold Line freight car comes fully assembled and includes working knuckle couplers and free-rolling trucks with RP-25 metal wheelsets.
Limited-run three pack includes cars with three different roadnumbers.


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