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Listed in HO Scale, category: Passenger Cars Express Express Box RTR Plus Add-On Details
Walthers Rolling Stock
C&O-Style Express Boxcar Troop Sleeper Conversion Ready to Run
Walthers Rolling Stock #4166
UPC: 616374061501

Chesapeake & Ohio (Pullman Green)
Walthers Part # 932-4166
HO scale, $34.98, sold out at Walthers


W.W.II Troop Sleeper Conversions Led Long, Useful Lives

* Great Addition to Post-War Passenger Trains * Ready-to-Run * New Paint & Lettering Schemes, * Knuckle Couplers * Correct Trucks w/RP-25 Metal Wheels. * Add-On Wire Grab Irons
By 1946, the Army's special kitchen cars were no longer needed and were offered for sale. Affordably priced, they required only minor modification for civilian use as 50' box cars. But since they were equipped for high-speed passenger service, they could easily be converted to other roles. Many were remodeled with plated-over windows and vents, new side doors and a fresh coat of paint. In service, they handled baggage, mail and express shipments. Many led long lives, remaining in use until the late 1960s.
A must-have for period modelers, this car looks great alongside Walthers streamlined or heavyweight equipment. Based on a C&O prototype, similar converted cars were used by several roads.

C&O-Style Former Troop Sleeper Express Boxcars
C&O (Pullman Green)
C&O (blue, yellow, gray)
B&O (MOW Green)
B&O (blue)
B&M (Tuscan)

C&O-Style Former Troop Sleeper Express Boxcar Limited-Run 2-Packs
C&O (Pullman Green)
C&O (blue, yellow, gray)
B&O (MOW Green)
B&O (blue)
B&M (Tuscan)



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