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Listed in HO Scale, category: Freight Cars Gondola Steel General Service Ready to Run
Walthers Rolling Stock
52' 6" Drop-End Mill Gondola - Ready to Run - Platinum Line(TM)
Walthers Rolling Stock #41903
UPC: 616374086047

Conrail #589054 (black)
Walthers Part # 932-41903
HO scale, $31.98, sold out at Walthers

Introduced in 1940, these 70-ton capacity cars were designed to haul structural steel, and had drop ends to accommodate loads exceeding the interior length. In service, the cars were put to work handling steel, machinery, pipe, lumber, auto frames, coal, stone and similar loads. Gons led hard lives, but some remained in service until the 1980s. Models feature:
* Factory-Installed Grab Irons
* Interior Side Walls w/Rivet Detail & Tie Downs
* Complete Brake Rigging & Underbody Details
* Correct Weight for Optimum Operation
* RP-25 Metal Wheels
* Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers
* Matching Scrap Load 933-1132 (sold separately)

CR #589033
CR #589009
CR #589054
CP #345017
CP #345069
CP #345135
DT&I #9019
DT&I #9042
DT&I #9061
EJ&E #84032
EJ&E #84168
EJ&E #84085
PC #557016
PC #557143
PC #557220
UP #229910
UP #229914
UP #229919




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