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Listed in HO Scale, category: Freight Cars Caboose Steel Bay Window Ready to Run
Walthers Rolling Stock
Milwaukee Road Rib-Side Caboose - Ready to Run - Platinum Line(TM)
Walthers Rolling Stock #7661
UPC: 616374057467

Milwaukee Road Full Name
Walthers Part # 932-7661
HO scale, $44.98, sold out at Walthers


Milwaukee Road's Trademark Cabooses

* Fully Assembled * All Grab Irons Installed * All Detail Parts Added * Metal Wheelsets * Knuckle Couplers * Superb Paint & Lettering * Authentic Milwaukee Road Prototype * All-New Car - First Ever Ready-to-Run Version * Used System-wide from 1939-80s * Roof-Mounted Lantern Smokejack * Side-Mounted Tool Box * Three Period Paint Schemes
In the mid-1930s, new and bigger freight cars created visibility problems for crews in caboose cupolas. Starting in 1937, the Milwaukee rebuilt some older wooden cabooses, removing the rooftop cupola and installing new side-mounted bay windows. This experiment proved successful, reducing injuries, improving visibility and putting crews where they could spot problems quickly. By this time, the ever resourceful and cost-conscious Milwaukee also had welded-steel passenger and freight cars with ribbed sides (ribs improved strength while reducing overall weight) in regular service. In 1939, these ideas were combined to create an all-new welded steel bay window caboose with ribbed sides. Two additional ideas were borrowed from the passenger department; trucks were a design first used on some 56' combines built in 1934, and the cars wore the road's signature orange, maroon and black paint. There were some innovative new ideas too, including a side-mounted toolbox that made it easier to retrieve repair parts. Construction began in the Milwaukee's shops in July, with the first car ready for service by mid-August, and 75 completed by year's end. With minor changes, modernizations and improvements, the Milwaukee would build 315 of these cars through 1951. Serving all over the system in a variety of roles, many of the rugged little cabooses outlived the Milwaukee Road itself. After the 1985 merger with the Soo Line, many survivors were sold, and several have been preserved. Your model represents a 1939-built car, refitted with a small smokejack for the kerosene lamp above the conductor's desk.

Milwaukee Road Rib-Side Cabooses
MILW Full Name
MILW w/Herald
MILW 1970s Scheme

Limited-Run Two-Packs:
MILW Full Name
MILW w/Herald
MILW 1970s Scheme


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