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Walthers Rolling Stock
Great Northern "Empire Builder" Streamlined Cars
Walthers Rolling Stock #9033
UPC: 616374045389

Pullman-Standard "...River" Series 7-4-3-1 Sleeper
Walthers Part # 932-9033
HO scale, $64.98, sold out at Walthers

Unveiled in June 1929, the "Empire Builder" quickly established itself as the flagship passenger train of the Great Northern. Named for GN founder James J. Hill, it ran from Chicago (via the Burlington to St. Paul) to Seattle, with a separate section to Portland. Post-war plans for the new streamlined version were unveiled in early 1945 with the arrival of EMD E7A-A diesels attired in brilliant Omaha Orange and Pullman Green (later known as the Empire Builder scheme); deliveries of matching cars continued through 1947. Not content with this upgrade, GN completely refitted the train once more in 1951 and assigned A-B-A sets of F units as standard power. The Empire Builder reached its pinnacle of luxury in 1955 with the arrival of brand-new Vista-Dome and full or Great Dome cars offering incredible views of western scenery. This longer and heavier train was pulled by A-B-B-A sets of F units. Based on the 1955 train, Walthers offers a complete series of authentic models to re-create this legendary streamliner:
932-9032 ACF Baggage-Mail #37-42
932-9035 ACF Baggage-Dormitory #1200-1205
932-9031 ACF 60-Seat Coach #1209-1214
932-9039 Budd 48-Seat Vista Dome Coach #1320-1335
932-9034 ACF Ranch Coffee Shop Lounge #1240-1245 ("...Lake" Series)
932-9037 ACF 36-Seat "Lake" Series Diner
932-9040 Budd Great Dome "...View" Series Lounge #1390-95
932-9033 P-S "River" Series 7-4-3-1 Sleeper
932-9036 P-S "Pass" Series 6-5-2 Sleeper
932-9038 "Coulee" Series 6-4-1 Observation
PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation.
920-40587 A-B Set w/Sound & DCC
920-40589 A-B Set Standard DC
920-40588 A Only w/Sound & DCC
920-40590 A Only Standard DC
For more details about Walthers Empire Builder series, click here.


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