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Listed in HO Scale, category: Structures Industrial Food Kit
Walthers Cornerstone
Miranda's Bananas - Kit
Walthers Cornerstone #3080
UPC: 616374009886

12-13/16 x 9" 32 x 22.5cm
Walthers Part # 933-3080
HO scale, $39.98, sold out at Walthers

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Flags flying and cranes at the ready, a cargo ship makes port. Railroad tugs muscle carfloats of empty reefers alongside and the race is on! Fresh bananas, lemons, oranges - all have to be moved and moved quickly! Soon, these strings of reefers will be racing the clock with their cargoes, heading for the fruit brokers in the big city markets across the country.
Keeping America fed and healthy is a big job, one which the railroads have handled for decades. Near the freight yards in virtually every big city, fruit brokers supply supermarkets and other commercial buyers with fruit and vegetables from all over the world. Reefers and insulated box cars handle the traffic and refrigerated containers can also be found on the job.
If your railroad needs more business, you'll find plenty of fast-paced operations at Mirandas Bananas! Switch crews will always have work here as freight cars arrive and are unloaded quickly. It's perfect for simulating loads in-empties out traffic on any line.
This unique structure can be a brand-new building on a transition-era layout, or an older structure in a modern scene. It fits any industrial area and is a natural with the Cornerstone Series(R) Waterfront buildings. An angled corner allows the building to be placed between closely spaced sidings or on an odd-shaped lot. Separate rail and truck docks with canopies, rooftop machinery house, and colorful decal signs are all included.

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