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Walthers Cornerstone
Coke Ovens & Quencher - Kit
Walthers Cornerstone #3806
UPC: 616374053100

Ovens & Crusher 17-3/8 x 10 x 9-13/16" Quencher Footprint: 5-3/16 x 2-13/16"
Walthers Part # 933-3806
N scale, $98.98, sold out at Walthers

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Great Additions to N Scale Steel Industry Scenes

The Coke Ovens & Quencher and Electric Furnace kits make it easy to round out your steel industry scenes. These kits are standard structures found at many mills across the continent. The Coke Ovens & Quencher kit includes the crusher, smokestack and quench tower plus long conveyors. These facilities receive coal in hopper cars and bake it in batteries of ovens to yield hotter-burning coke for use in a blast furnace. In-plant hoppers carry the coke away from the ovens.

The Electric Furnace kit is a large corrugated-metal building with roof vents and interior furnace detail. Its walls feature cut lines so you can remove portions to match your desired prototype. For more realism, add the Heavy-Duty Overhead Crane, 933-3810, sold separately which is designed to fit the crane rails inside the furnace building.

Many modern mills have only an electric furnace and rolling mills, so this kit is perfect if you're looking to build a contemporary mill. Together, both of these kits make excellent additions to a steel works that also includes the Cornerstone Series Blast Furnace, 933-3249, and Rolling Mill, 933-3250, both sold separately.


Coke Ovens & Quencher
Electric Furnace



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