Advanced Search


Tips for using the advanced search:

#1The advanced search allows you to search within the listings for a category, scale, manufacturer, or all of the above.

For example, you could search for HO scale NYC boxcars by choosing category freight cars, scale HO, and entering the keywords NYC boxcar.

#2It is also useful when you want to conduct multiple searches within a scale, category, or manufacturer. To do this, select where you want to search, then enter a keyword and click search. If that search does not return what you’re seeking, click your browser’s back button and enter a new keyword.

TipYou do not have to fill in all the fields to conduct a search. For example, you could search on all HOn3 items, or all the tools we carry.

TipYou can clear your search and start over using the reset button at the bottom of the advanced search page.

TipUse keywords that are a singular tense. For example: search on turntable not, turntables.

TipYou can search by part number. Remember that in a part number in form XXX-YYYY, "XXX" is the manufacturer and "YYYY" is the item number.

TipYou have the option of an AND search or an OR search. Choosing AND means that your search results will contain only those items where the name or description has all the keywords that you entered. Choosing OR will return all items where the name or description contains any of the keywords you entered.

TipYou can search based on multiple criteria. Using keywords plus scale, manufacturer, etc., will return a more targeted result.

TipSearch for different forms of abbreviations. For example, if C&NW doesn't return the item you are looking for, try searching for CNW.

For a list of all manufacturers and the items we carry from those manufacturers,
go to Manufacturer List.

For additional help browsing train sets, try our Train Set Advisor.

For tips on using our standard search, go to search tips.