Chooch Enterprises
Barium Oxide Tote Bin Load -- Large

Chooch Enterprises
Barium Oxide Tote Bin Load -- Large

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Expected: 17-Dec-2018
  • Walthers Part # 214-7287
    p. 101 2019 HO Scale Reference Book p. 131 2018 HO Scale Reference Book

Product Information

New Freight Car Loads From Chooch

Ready-to-use freight car loads are just the thing for adding realism to your layout scenes and freight car fleet. Chooch cast-resin loads are patterned after typical industrial machinery and appliances shipped by rail. Each comes completely decorated for added authenticity. These new loads are available in multiple sizes; large loads are usable in HO, S and O Scales, small loads are good for HO and N freight cars and scenes. Mid-sized pieces are ideal for HO, but some may be suitable for larger or smaller scales.

HO Scale Freight Car Loads:
Rock Crusher & Pulley - 40 Ton
Rock Crusher & Pulley - 80 Ton
Rock Crusher & Pulley - 120 Ton
Steam Boiler Equipment - 40 Ton
Steam Boiler Equipment - 80 Ton
Steam Boiler Equipment - 120 Ton
Driveshaft & Pulley - 10 Ton
Driveshaft & Pulley - 80 Ton
Driveshaft & Pulley - 120 Ton
Small Barium Oxide Bin
Large Barium Oxide Bin


These "tote bins" are used to transport barium oxide and granulated products, usually for foundry work. Each bin is a large batch of material.