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2018 NMRA National Train Show – Post Show Update

The National Model Railroad Association’s 2018 National Train Show was a wonderful gathering of model railroad enthusiasts, manufacturers, modeling clubs, and hobby shops. This year’s show was in Kansas City, MO, which is one of the best railfan destinations in the country. The 2018 NMRA National Train Show ran from Friday, Aug. 10,  through Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018 and featured exhibits for anyone who had interest in trains or model railroading.

Along side the 2018 NMRA National Train Show, the NMRA also held its annual convention which took place in Kansas City from Aug. 6 – 11, 2018, ending with an awards banquet. This year, Walthers acting President Phil Walthers received the Distinguished Service Award for his lifelong contribution to the hobby of model railroading and bringing a more robust product offering to the modelers of North America. Phil follows in the footsteps of his father, Bruce Walthers, and grandfather, Wm. K. Walthers, who both received the award in 1988, and 1963, respectively. The banquet was well attended and included a presentation of next year’s convention and National Train Show in Salt Lake City, UT.

Walthers had several new announcements at the show including multiple structures. View the announcements here.

New Product Announcements – 2018 National Train Show

Milwaukee, WI., Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. is pleased to announce several new products in HO and multi-scale during the 2018 National Train Show in Kansas City, MO.

Walthers Controls

Walthers Layout Control System
HO, N, Z, S, and O Scales

Horizontal-Mount Switch Machine
942-102 – $24.98 each
October 2018 delivery
NEW STYLE – Same great features as Switch Machine #942-101 in a compact design!
• Only 1-5/8″ (4.1cm) tall – perfect for multi-deck layouts or anywhere space is limited

Stall Motor Switch Machine Controller
942-161 Stall Motor Driver – $19.98
942-142 Edge Connector for Tortoise® Switch Machine pkg(2) – $7.98
November 2018 delivery
NEW – Easily upgrade your existing turnout control systems
NEW – Works with most popular brands of stall motor switch machines
• When installed, Stall Motor Driver enables easy installation of accessory controllers & indicators
• Fully assembled, servo-based unit


70' Heavyweight Railway Post Office - Baggage Car
WalthersProto 70′ Heavyweight Railway Post Office – Baggage Car
HO Scale
920-17400 Series
$84.98 Each
November 2018 delivery for all models

Roadnames available: Pullman Green (unlettered), ATSF, IC, DRGW™ GN, MILW, NYC,

• Prototypes in service 1914 to 1971 – many converted to work train service & some preserved today
• 30′ postal apartment – typical of cars on dedicated mail & secondary passenger trains
• Clerestory or round roof to match prototype as appropriate
• Authentic interior with mailbag stanchions, sorting cases & more
• Separate catcher arms – operate facing either direction
• Highly detailed underbody with separate brake gear, steam traps, generator & more
• Modeler-installed extended drawbars for use on 22″ radius curves included
• Turned metal wheelsets & correct trucks with built-in electrical contacts


WalthersMainline EMD SD70ACe
HO Scale
910-19845 Series with ESU Sound for DCC & DC layouts $199.98 Each
910-9845 Series Standard DC $139.98 Each
February 2019 delivery for all models

Roadnames available: BNSF, KCS de Mexico, UP®, NS Heritage Units; NYC, PC, WAB

• Limited edition – one time run of these roadnumbers!
• Easily handles 18″ radius curves (22″ or larger recommended)
• Available with ESU Sound & DCC
• Constant & directional LED lighting with high or low front headlight and working front ditch lights
• Fully assembled
• 21-Pin DCC plug
• Same powerful drive as WalthersProto® locos
• Molded drill starter points for grab irons – easily added with SD70ACe Diesel Detail Kit (#910-251, sold separately)

WalthersMainline EMD GP9 Phase II w/Chopped Nose
HO Scale
910-20402 Series with ESU Sound for DCC & DC layouts $199.98 Each
910-10400 Series Standard DC $139.98 Each
May 2019 delivery for all models

Roadnames available: BN, CP, CNW™, MILW, NS, WSOR, Undecorated (DC only)

• One of the most widely used diesels ever – based on Phase II units rebuilt for improved forward visibility and in service from the 1960s to the present
• Limited edition – one time run of these roadnumbers!
• Scale width hood with correct contours
• Dynamic or Non-dynamic per prototype
• Front mounted snowplow as appropriate
• Same powerful drive as WalthersProto® locos
• Available with ESU Sound for DCC and DC layouts
• 21-pin DCC plug
• Molded drill starter points – add grab irons easily with the GP9 Phase II Diesel Detail Kit (#910-258 sold separately)

WalthersMainline 60′ High Cube Plate F Boxcar
HO Scale
910-2922 Series $29.98 Each
March 2019 delivery

Roadnames available: CN, CP, CRLE, CSX, KCS, NS, TTX TBOX (brown, patched),
TTX TBOX (yellow, black, red TTX logo), UP®

• Limited edition – one time run of these roadnumbers!
• Currently in service with several railroads & TTX
• Hauls lumber, canned goods, beer, wine, steel, appliances & more
• Prototypically correct roof with both “X” & diagonal panels
• Separately applied latch bars
• Detailed underbody with cushioned underframe & brake gear with correct angle-mounted reservoir
• 100-ton roller bearing trucks
• 36″ turned metal wheelsets
• Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers

WalthersMainline Thrall Rebuilt 40’ Well Car
HO Scale
910-5617 Single Cars $29.98 Each
910-55600 5-Unit Cars $139.98 Each
November 2019 delivery for all models

Single Car roadnames available: TTX – Large red Forward Thinking logo, TTX – Small red & Next Road logos, TTX – Large black & white logo

NEW – 5-Unit version! Roadnames available: American President Lines, BNSF Railway, TTX – Large black & white logo, TTX – Small red logo, TTX – Large red logo

• Limited edition – one time run of these roadnumbers!
• Based on shortened Thrall 48′ well cars in service 2003 to present
• Holds 20′ & 40′ containers in well & 40′ to 53′ top-loaded
• Heavy die-cast metal frame for superb performance empty or loaded
• Finely molded 3-D brake rods with chains, brake piping & weld lines on body
• Separate deck-mounted brake detail with piping, IBC storage boxes & realistic walkways
• 70-ton roller bearing trucks
• Correct 33″ turned-metal wheelsets
• Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers


Cross-Dock Truck Facility KitCornerstone Cross-Dock Truck Facility Kit
HO Scale
933-4131 Cross-Dock Truck Facility Kit
$49.98 Each
August 2018 delivery

• Completely new structure kit!
• Used by trucking companies large & small from the 1940s to the present
• Prototypes receive, sort & reload freight shipments
• Also used by plumbers, contractors & similar small businesses today
• Detailed street side front office w/brick walls, separate gas & electric meters
• Correct height truck dock doors with weather bellows/seals – accommodates up to 12 trailers or trucks
• Includes two paving sections – expand & customize at any time with Gas Station Parking Lot (#933-3540), sold separately
• Great destination for SceneMaster trucks & trailers (sold separately)
• Molded in 6 colors
• Finished model measures: 15-3/16 x 19-3/16 x 3″ 38.6 x 48.7 x 7.8cm

Traveling Crane with Brick Street KitCornerstone Traveling Crane with Brick Street Kit
HO Scale
933-4096 Traveling Crane with Brick Street Kit $59.98 each
933-4097 Brick Craneway Base & Street Kit – pkg(3) $19.98 each
September 2018 delivery for all models

• Perfect for modeling industrial areas from the steam-era to the present
• Authentic detail alongside docks, shipyards & heavy industries of all kinds
• Highly detailed traveling (nonworking) crane features postionable cab, boom & hook
• Includes parts to build 3 complete straight brick street sections with craneways
• Center paving section accepts code 83 rail (sold separately)
• Molded in 3 realistic colors
• Crane measures: 4 x 4 x 9-1/8″ 10 x 10 x 22.8 cm
• Each Brick Street Section measures: 12-5/8 x 5-1/2″ 32 x 13.9cm

Cornerstone Coal Trestle Kit
HO Scale
933-4093 Coal Trestle Kit
$29.98 each
September 2019 delivery

• Prototypes sped unloading hoppers using gravity
• Typical of ramps used from the 1900s to the 1960s
• Compact size fits city or rural locations
• Molded berm simplifies modeling track on grade
• Detailed trestle with supports, abutment, railing & walkway, and bulkheads to build optional below-track storage bins
• Great addition to trackside coal dealers, lumber & building materials yards, heavy industries and more
• Molded in two colors
• Measures 24-1/2 x 4-3/8 x 1-3/4″ 62.3 x 11.1 x 4.4cm

Cornerstone Modern Shopping Center II
HO Scale
933-4116 Modern Shopping Center II Kit
$39.98 each
October 2018 delivery

• Contemporary design with decorative front wall for added realism
• Three stores in one compact structure – use alone or combine kits to model a typical strip mall
• Molded cut lines for easy kitbashing
• Highly detailed brickwork, large glass windows & entry doors
• Colorful signs for a variety of businesses
• Looks great alongside Modern Shopping Center I (#933-4115) or The UPS Store® (#933-4112) sold separately
• Molded in 3 colors
• Measures 10-1/2 x 4-15/16 x 3-1/2″ 26.6 x 12.5 x 8.8cm


SceneMaster 20′ Smooth Side Container
HO Scale
949-8650 20′ Smooth Side Container
Retail Price – $9.98 each
January 2019 delivery

Roadnames: REA (right-side & end doors), CN, NYK, Y.S. Line, APL, Blue Compass, CP Ships, Manchester Lines, Mitsui, Undecorated
• All-new container model in standard end door & right side door versions
• Widely used during 1960s & 1970s
• Authentic rivet, door latch & hinge details
• Colorful period schemes
• Perfect period loads for WalthersMainline G85 & 60′ Pullman-Standard VTTX container flatcars (each sold separately)

SceneMaster Zombies pkg(6)
HO Scale
949-6080 Zombies pkg(6)
Retail Price – $14.98 each
October 2018 delivery

Great for seasonal haunted houses or starting your own HO apocolypse, this special set of figures is to add a little “after life” to your layout. Set includes six hand-painted figures with scary realistic detail.

2018 NMRA National Train Show

Walthers NMRA 2018

Walthers will be exhibiting at the National Model Railroad Association Inc. National Train Show between August 10th and the close of the show on August 12th.

The National Train Show, established in 1988 by NMRA, is celebrating its 30th year as a nationally sponsored combined industry trade show and public train show to promote the hobby of model railroading.  This year’s show is taking place in Kansas City, MO, and will feature “Ask The Collectibles” Appraiser, LEGO® mini land, a children’s play area, and free Thomas train rides, in addition to many exhibitors and manufacturers.

If you’ll be in attendance, please stop by and check us out at booth #1606, we’d love to see you!  If you’re not able to visit you can still see all the new products and several new announcements on display at the Walthers booth by watching our Facebook Live stream the morning of Friday, August 10th at 8:30a.m. CDT, and by checking out our Instagram.

Founded in 1935, NMRA currently has over 18,000 members and serves 19 Regions which cover the United States, Australasia, Canada, the British Isles and Europe.

#WalthersTrains #WalthersNMRA

New Product Announcements – 2017 National Train Show

Milwaukee, WI., Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. is pleased to announce several new products in HO and multi-scale during the 2017 National Train Show in Orlando, FL.


WalthersMainline® Plymouth ML-8
HO Scale
910-20007 Series ESU DCC Control-Only $149.98 each
910-10007 Series Standard DC $99.98 each
November 2017 delivery for all models

Roadnames available: BN, Bicentennial, Painted, Unlettered with decals: Green, Red, Orange, Black,
Yellow with Stripes

• NEW – now available with ESU Control-Only Decoder for DCC layouts
• Prototypes in service 1920s to the present with several now in museums
• Used as shop switchers by railroads & all types of industries
• Control decoder (no sound) with built-in capacitor to maintain performance during brief power interruptions over switches and dirty track
• Three-point suspension for positive track contact
• Highly detailed, heavy die cast metal underframe & hood
• Etched metal, see-through radiator guard
• Separate metal handrails
• Painted, Unlettered locos include decals with Cornerstone industry logos, numbers & more
• Fully-assembled, ready to enjoy – perfect loco for small layouts
• Powerful WalthersMainline drive with:
– Five-pole skew-wound motor
– Prototypical low speed gearing
– Helical-cut gears for quiet operation
– All-wheel drive and electrical pickup
– Machined brass flywheel
– Constant and directional LED lights
• RP-25 metal wheels
• Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers


WalthersMainline® 50′ Exterior-Post Mechanical Reefer
HO Scale
910-3750 Series
$27.98 Each
November 2017 delivery

Roadnames available: Santa Fe Refrigerated Despatch, Canadian Pacific, Burlington Refrigerator Express,
Erie Lackawanna, Milwaukee Road, Pacific Fruit Express – late w/UP & SP logos, Undecorated

• All-new tooling
• Based on CB&Q Haveloc Shops-built prototypes – similar cars in service 1960s to early 2000s
• Must-have car for serving cold storage facilities & grocery wholesalers
• Used to move all types of temperature-sensitive food products
• Matches prototype dimensions
• Diagonal panel roof w/separately applied exhaust stack
• Authentic plug doors
• Detailed refrigerator inlet & outlet grilles
• Late improved Dreadnaught ends
• See-through running board
• Highly detailed underbody w/fuel tanks & brake gear
• 70-ton roller bearing trucks
• Correct 33″ turned metal wheelsets
• Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers


WalthersMainline® 39′ Trinity 3281 Covered Hopper
HO Scale
910-7500 Series
$27.98 Each
December 2017 delivery

Roadnames available: Union Pacific – CMO, CSX Transportation, General American, Norfolk Southern, Trinity Industries Leasing, First Union Rail – WSOX, Undecorated

• Completely new car from rails to roof!
• Based on later production prototypes in service from 1990s to the present with 7 side panels (2 narrow, 5 large)
• Used for dense, heavy loads including cement & frac sand
• Run alone & in unit train service
• Separately applied brake gear, discharge gates, inlet hatches & end ladder cages
• See-through running board
• Correct 36″ turned metal wheelsets
• Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers

Well Car

WalthersMainline® Thrall Rebuilt 40′ Well Car
HO Scale
910-5601 Series
$29.98 Each
February 2018 delivery

Roadnames available: TTX 53000-series with two logo variations; DTTX 745000-series

• All-new model!
• Based on shortened Thrall 48′ well cars in service from 2003 to the present
• Holds 20′ & 40′ containers in well & 40′ to 53′ top-loaded
• Heavy die-cast metal frame for superb performance empty or loaded
• Finely molded 3-D brake rods with chains, brake piping & weld lines on body
• Separate deck-mounted brake detail with piping, IBC storage boxes & realistic walkways
• 70-ton roller bearing trucks
• Correct 33″ turned metal wheelsets
• Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers


WalthersProto® Jordan Spreader
HO Scale
920-110100 Series
$89.98 Each
February 2018 delivery

Roadnames available: Santa Fe, BNSF, Canadian Pacific, Pennsylvania, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Maintenance-of-Way (gray), Painted Yellow – Unlettered, Undecorated – Kit

• Totally new model from rails to roof!
• Based on Model 2-200 Spreader-Ditcher-Snowplow used by dozens of railroads
• Prototypes in service 1920s to the present
• Fully assembled, railroad ready – undecorated kit also available
• Perfect companion to WalthersProto Russell Plows (sold separately)
• Factory-installed grab irons
• Complete underbody w/brake gear & piping
• Thin profile stirrups
• Cab window “glass”
• Railroad-specific details:
Horizontal or vertical air reservoir
Original or one of three later headlight styles as appropriate
70-ton roller bearing or Bettendorf trucks as appropriate
Single-chime air horn
• Positionable wings & moldboards can be raised & lowered
• Built tough with durable metal hinges & other details
• Ultra-smooth rolling metal axles & 33″ wheelsets
• Proto MAX™ metal knuckle couplers

Control System

Walthers Layout Control System
Z, N, HO, S, and O Scales
Components priced from $9.98 – $24.98
February 2018 delivery

Switch Unit
942-101 $24.98Dual Color LED Fascia Turnout Controller w/Drill Template
942-121 $9.98

Dual Color LED Accessory Controller w/Drill Template
942-123 Yellow, Green $9.98

2-Amp 12V Filtered DC Power Supply
942-110 $19.98

Distribution Block
942-111 $11.98Dual Color LED Fascia Crossover Controller w/Drill Template
942-122 $16.98

Control System Turnout Drill Set
942-140 $11.98

• Low-cost solution for easy turnout control in Z, N, HO, S, and O Scales!
• Expandable at any time — grows with your layout
• Use with DCC- or DC-powered layouts – includes built-in DCC accessory decoder
• Plug & play RC servo-style wiring with connectors – no cutting or soldering needed!
• User-friendly instructions with illustrations & drilling templates simplify installation & operation
• Mix & match components to customize your system using:
Servo-based slow-motion Switch Unit
Power Distribution Block
LED panel indicator/control pushbutton switches
Add-on system cabling (Connecting Cable 942-112 pkg(5) $9.98 Extension Cable 942-113 pkg(5) $9.98)
3-Piece Drill Set
2 Amp Power Supply

Walthers at NMRA 2017 Orlando

We’re on our way to Orlando, Florida for the 2017 NMRA convention and National Train Show! Walthers will be making several huge announcements at a clinic Thursday night, August 3rd at 7:30p.m. EDT. If you’re at the convention, please stop by! We’d love to see you there.

All our new product announcements will be shown in our National Train Show booth starting Friday morning and throughout the weekend. If you’re at the show, please stop by and see us at our booth located at Exhibit Hall A, Booth Number 601.

If you’re not able to attend the convention or the show, no problem, we’ve got you covered! Friday, August 4th we’ll be broadcasting a Facebook Live stream on our Facebook page. This stream will give you a chance to see our National Train Show booth as if you were there.

Then, after all the excitement of the show is over, check back here in our blog for a recap of all the new Walthers new product announcements we’re making at the show. Monday, August 7th we’ll post photos, videos and all the product info you need to get up to speed on these exciting new products.

Post show update

We had a great time meeting so many of you at the National Train Show this past weekend, and a big thanks to everyone who came by to see what’s new from Walthers! Just in case you missed us, more photos and information are a click away at the tabs below and you can reserve any of these models right now at or with your participating dealer.

Founder’s Day

May 10th is pretty important in railroad history, most notably as the day America’s transcontinental railroad was completed. But as a modeler, you might know it was also a pretty important beginning for our favorite hobby. Not only was May 10th Bill Walthers’ birthday, but May also marks the start of what became today’s Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.

Born in 1893, Bill’s Milwaukee hometown was a hotbed of railroading, and the seeds of his life-long fascination with trains took root an early age. Inspired by real railroads and studying electronics, he began experimenting with ways to make the toy trains of the era look and run better. He effectively turned his home layout into a laboratory. Through the pages of The Modelmaker (forerunner of today’s Model Railroader), Bill shared his passion and his ideas. Soon after these articles ran, letters would arrive from folks asking questions. Many inquired if he would mind purchasing and sending the needed parts they couldn’t find at home!

Like a lot of folks in that Depression year of 1932, Bill found himself out of work, but took a chance and turned his hobby into a small business. While we’re not quite sure if he set up shop on the 10th, we do know he ran the very first Walthers ad that May, offering ways to “Improve Your Toy Railroad” with a catalog offering various track and other components, and the self-published Signal and Control Manual. Bill reported he made $500 in the first year, and his new business was soon up and running.

As we mark our 85th year, we’re just as dedicated to helping you find the products, information and supplies that bring your model railroad to life, from first train set to super-detailed scale replica. Looking back, we’re honored and humbled to have been part of so many happy times as the love of the hobby has been passed from one generation to the next, and our sincere thanks for choosing Walthers yesterday, today and tomorrow! Looking forward, we have some pretty exciting new product announcements coming in the weeks ahead! Meanwhile, join us in celebrating Founder’s Day with great deals on select Cornerstone kits – check them out in the May issue of Walthers Flyer available now at participating dealers or online at