MRR Awards 2019

After a 15-year absence the Model Railroader Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards are back for 2019! Winners were determined in January and all winners will be announced in the May 2019 issue of Model Railroader Magazine.

Walthers is extremely pleased and humbled to be acknowledged in more than 15 categories including Locomotives & Light Rail, Passenger Cars, Freight Cars, Structures & Accessories, Control Systems & Electronics, and Scenery. Walthers won eight categories outright and seven runner’s up. Our winners included the WalthersProto Jordan Spreader, SceneMaster UPS Package Car, and the all-new Walthers Layout Control System Switch Machine.

The New Product Development Team at Walthers not only researches the prototype, but also has the monumental task of getting those details onto the scale models that ultimately make it onto model railroads across the globe. Innovation is also extremely valuable in model railroading and the Walthers Layout Control System is one set of products that shows a high level of ingenuity and satisfies a demand that modelers have been clamoring about for decades. All of the hard work and dedication we put into our products is worth the effort when we have such great customers.

Walthers is incredibly honored to receive such a positive response to our products, website, and brand. Browse below to see all of our reader’s choice items.

Passenger Cars

Passenger Car – HO Scale

WalthersProto 70′ Heavyweight Railway Post Office-Baggage
(920-17400 series)

Freight Cars

Box Car – HO Scale

WalthersMainline 60′ High Cube Plate F Boxcar
(910-2900 series)

Hopper Car / Covered Hopper –
HO Scale

WalthersMainline 39′ Trinity 3281 2-Bay Covered Hopper
(910-7500 series)

Flat Car / Intermodal- HO Scale

WalthersMainline 60′ Pullman-Standard Flatcar
(910-5300 series)

Refrigerator Car – HO Scale

WalthersMainline 50′ AAR Mechanical Refrigerator Car
(910-3750 series)

Tank Car – HO Scale

WalthersProto 55′ Trinity Modified 30,145-Gallon Tank Car
(920-100700 series)

Caboose / Maintenance of Way –
HO Scale

WalthersProto Jordan Spreader
(920-110100 series)

Structures & Accessories

Structure Kit – HO Scale

Cornerstone Urban Bridges
(933-4560 series)

Structure Kit – N Scale

Cornerstone Central Beverage Distributors with Office Annex

Vehicles – Any Scale

SceneMaster UPS Package Car
(949-14000 & 14001)

Figures – Any Scale

SceneMaster Railroad Yard Crew

Control Systems and Electronics

Lighting, Signals & Animation

Walthers Controls Switch Machine
(942-101 & 102)

Scenery Products

Scenery Tools

SceneMaster Tear & Plant Meadow Mat
(949-1126 series)

Locomotives & Light Rail

Diesel Locomotive – HO Scale

WalthersMainline GE ES44 Evolution Series Locomotive
(910-20151 series, 910-10150 series)