EMD SD9 - Standard DC -- Nickel Plate Road 347 (As delivered, black, yellow)

EMD SD9 - Standard DC -- Nickel Plate Road 347 (As delivered, black, yellow)

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  • Nickle Plate Road
  • Walthers Part # 920-48631
    p. 42 2020 HO Scale Reference Book p. 32 2019 HO Scale Reference Book

Product Information

Power up your HO freight operations with Walthers Proto SD9 diesels!
The debut of the SD9 in 1954 marked the next step forward for EMD's Special Duty line of six-axle diesels, and introduced the new 567C prime mover delivering 1,750 horsepower. Ideal for demanding assignments in helper, yard, transfer and heavy freight service, with its weight spread over six axles, the SD9 was also well suited to branch line duties. By the time production ended in 1959, 515 SD9s were in service on over a dozen railroads and some are still going strong after 50+ years of service!
From superb paint and lettering to railroad-specific details, WalthersProto SD9 locos come ready for service and feature:
  • Limited edition - one-time run of these configurations
  • 5 pole, skew-wound, high-torque, high-efficiency can motor
  • Helical gears with 14:1 ratio for smooth, quiet running
  • Easy multiple-unit operation
  • Superb paint & lettering
  • LED constant & directional headlights
  • Heavy die-cast metal underframe
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers


Based on Phase II (also known as Phase 2) units from 1957 to late 1960s with:
  • Operating Mars warning light
  • Leslie single-chime A-200 and S-2M air horns
  • Rolled-style handrail stanchions
  • Pyle dual sealed beam headlight
  • Metal sunshades
  • Short hood forward operation
  • Roller bearing journals
  • Standard style uncoupling levers
  • Pilots with footboards

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