EMD GP35 Phase II - Standard DC -- Burlington Northern #2576 (Cascade Green, black, white)

EMD GP35 Phase II - Standard DC -- Burlington Northern #2576 (Cascade Green, black, white)

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  • Burlington Northern
  • Walthers Part # 920-49153
    p. 45 2018 HO Scale Reference Book p. 51 2017 HO Scale Reference Book

Product Information

Make one of EMD's most popular roadswitcher models part of your diesel fleet in minutes with the WalthersProto(R) GP35!
Making its debut in 1963, the new engine would pave the way for future generations of hood units. Offering 2500 horsepower and a number of innovative new features, many were purchased as replacements for elderly diesels, and since EMD took trade-ins, some were constructed with rebuilt parts, notably trucks, from other builders! Along with these variations, modelers and railfans noted other changes made during the production run, and began referring to early examples as Phase I (also known as Phase 1) while those built after mid-1965 became Phase II (also known as Phase 2); EMD however considered them all the same model and never used these designations. By the time production ended in 1966, over 1300 were in service, and many are still running on shortlines and at museums today.
Check out the many features of the WalthersProto Phase II GP35s:
  • Limited edition - one-time run of these engine numbers!
  • Based on Phase II units in service from 1965 to the present
  • Road-specific details
  • Available with SoundTraxx(R) Tsunami(R) sound for DCC and DC layouts
  • Five-pole, skew-wound, high-torque, high-efficiency can motor
  • Helical gears with 14:1 ratio for smooth, ultra-quiet running
  • Easy multiple-unit operation
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

Based on ex-Frisco units from early 1980s renumbering to 1990s with:
  • Alco AAR type B trucks
  • Working rotary beacon
  • Leslie 3F-2R air hor
  • Whip antenna
  • Cab sunshades
  • High headlight
  • Standard dynamic brake hatch
  • 4 jack pads
  • 2600-gallon fuel tank
  • Front plow pilot
  • Short air filter/dryer
  • Standard dynamic brake hatch