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Milwaukee, Wisconsin --- Walthers announces the release of new Cornerstone Series® Background Building kits. Variety Printing Company Ltd. building front and Centennial Mills Inc. building back are scheduled for delivery in September, 1999.

At the edge of any model railroad, there's a space that represents where the layout ends and the real world begins. Making the transition from layout to backdrop has long been a problem with no single, easy solution. New Cornerstone Series® background building kits provide a quick solution to a long standing problem.

Based on popular Cornerstone Series® kits, these buildings give your backgrounds three-dimensional realism. Combine multiple kits to make backdrops extend onto the layout or to make buildings blend into background images. These injection-molded kits feature actual parts from Cornerstone Series® models with new side walls and roof parts which can be thinned or angled to blend in with track and background angles. Just slip them in between the track and backdrop to add depth to any industrial scene. Use them with Walthers Instant Horizons for extra realism.

The Variety Printing Co. Ltd. Building Front, 933-3161 $21.98, features typical curtain wall construction with multi-paned windows, a prevalent architectural style found in both the steam- and diesel-era. The front wall of the structure features a pedestrian entrance, one side wall has a truck loading door making this structure great along any industrial street. The kit is molded in an appropriate base color. With several kits painted differently, modelers can produce an entire industrial district just inches deep. A single kit measures 12-1/4 wide x 1-3/4 deep x 6-11/16" tall and includes realistic decals for several different businesses.

Centennial Mills Inc. Building Back, 933-3160 $21.98, allows modelers to squeeze in a rail-served industry along any wall or background. Centennial includes the business side of a typical concrete mill as seen in both the steam- and diesel-era. Box cars, airslide hoppers, pressure differential covered hoppers and covered hoppers like the Pullman-Standard 4427's are usually found on mill sidings. This kit includes a loading canopy, dust collectors and realistic decals for several businesses. When built, the model measures 10-3/16 wide x 1-15/16 deep x 8-7/16" tall; it can be angled or thinned to fit different spaces.

Cornerstone Series® Background Buildings are available from Walthers dealers. To locate a dealer use our dealer locator at www.walthers.com. Contact Walthers at 414-527-0770 or write Walthers, PO Box 3039, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3039.

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