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RD4 Coal Hoppers

New RD4 Coal Hoppers Expand Options for Modeling Modern Unit Trains
Milwaukee, Wis. -- Walthers announces the release of its new, ready-to-run RD4 Hoppers in HO Scale. The cars will be offered in Six-Pack sets in November 2003.
Introduced in the 1990s by Trinity, the RD4 (Rapid Discharge IV) was built for the needs of modern coal users. It features lightweight aluminum construction and is slightly larger than earlier designs, so it can carry 4,200 cubic feet of payload. To further reduce operating costs, the cars are fitted with five rapid discharge bays that permit unloading while in motion; some users have opted to add rotary couplers so that cars can be unloaded with their existing dumping machinery. The cars are currently in service with several railroads and utility companies, where they operate in unit trains between mines and power plants.
Walthers all-new replicas of the RD4 come assembled and painted, with highly detailed bodies and a diecast underframe. For modelers who want more realism, a complete set of wire grab irons is included, while molded drill starter points on the body simplify installation. To make it easy to model a complete unit train, the cars come in six packs. Each includes cars painted for the same owner, but with different numbers. Each six-pack is priced at $79.98 and will be available in the following roadnames:
932-7801 BNSF
932-7802 NS
932-7803 CNW
932-7804 TESX (Alliant Energy)
932-7805 NSPX (Northern States Power Company)
932-7806 NCUX (Transport Capital Rail Partners)
932-7807 TXUX (TXU Electric)
932-7808 JHMX (Alabama Power Company)

An undecorated single coal hopper, 932-7800 priced at $16.98, is available for modelers who wish to customize.
Walthers is also offering a set of six realistic coal loads cast in resin especially for these cars. This item, 933-1074, is priced at $17.98 and will also be available in November.
For more information about the entire line of Walthers products, or to locate a dealer, visit Walthers on the Internet at walthers.com. Call 414-527-0770 or write Walthers, PO Box 3039, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3039.

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