Great Lakes Ore Boat - Kit -- Waterline Hull; 36 x 6 91.4 x 15.2cm

Great Lakes Ore Boat - Kit -- Waterline Hull; 36 x 6 91.4 x 15.2cm

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  • Walthers Part # 696-10501
    p. 412 2019 HO Scale Reference Book p. 449 2018 HO Scale Reference Book

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Perfect for Ore Dock & Steel Mill Scenes

* Walthers Exclusive Produced by Sylvan Scale Models * Use with Ore Dock & Hulett Unloader Kits (Sold Separately) * Build a Longer Model with Add-On Hull Sections #696-10502 (Sold Separately) * Polyurethane Resin Kit * Extra Fittings to Build Different Prototypes * Kit Designed By a Great Lakes Engineer * Unique One-Piece Castings for Easy Assembly * Measures 36" 91.4cm Long * Detailed Wheelhouse Interior * Etched Brass Handrail Stanchions * Waterline Model * Fits 1900 To 1980s * Includes Dock Bollards * Suitable for Coal, Grain & Other Bulk Cargoes
Walthers Great Lakes Ore Boat kit, made by Sylvan, features a reworked main deck and hatches spaced and sized for use with the Hulett Unloader (#933-2966) and Ore Dock (#933-3065) kits, each sold separately.
The finished model is typical of bulk freighters moving iron ore, grain, cement, coal and other cargoes on the Lakes from the turn of the 20th century to the 1980s. It's patterned after St. Lawrence "canallers," smaller bulk carriers built to fit the locks on the St. Lawrence River prior to the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959. Its small size makes it ideal for the average layout, as no compression is required to build an authentic model. As-built, it measures 36" 91.4cm in length and 6" wide, representing a 258' 78.6m long freighter, but matching add-on center hull sections (#696-10502) are available separately to extend the overall length if a larger boat is desired. The kit includes all parts, fittings, and accessories for a complete model, including etched brass stanchions and a fully detailed wheelhouse interior. Main structural assembly is simplified by the use of one-piece castings.
It's ideal for use with Walthers Ashland Iron & Steel series. To see the entire line of Ashland Iron & Steel kits click here.
Measures: 36 x 6" 91.4 x 15.2cm