Image Requirements

*High quality scanned photographs should be at least 5x7 inches in size at 300dpi or larger. Color images should be RGB mode.

We recommend saving images in TIFF format. Use LZW Compression to reduce file size. If you wish to reduce your file further at the expense of image quality, please save in JPEG format at a High quality setting. In Photoshop use "6" or higher.

Give each image a unique name and please add the file type extension after the name. Use .tif or .jpg respectively.

Images embedded in a software program (Excel, Quark, PowerPoint, etc.) will not be accepted.

Send your e-mail with the images as an attachment, do not place them inline with the message. You may also choose to compress multiple images into either a Mac Stuffit Archive (.sit) or Windows Zip Archive (.zip) but this is not required. Make note of all attached images in the message body.

E-mail images to: