Modern Industrial Parks

Modern Industrial Park Kits & Accessories Series
Modern Industrial Park Kits & Accessories Series
Drive past any industrial park, and you’re sure to see all kinds of structures and support facilities that would look great on your layout. Inspired by concrete "tip-up" warehouses, light and heavy manufacturing plants, strip malls and more seen all across North America, this new series of models makes it easy to add trackside industries and support facilities to any HO layout from the 1970s to the present.

Updated industries for your railroad
Most industrial American cities have two distinct areas of past and present industrial development. While older factory buildings can still be found near the heart of town, many have long since been repurposed or replaced by newer facilities located away from the city center in large industrial parks.

As once rural areas transformed into suburbs and subdivisions in the 1950s, many communities began zoning land strictly for industrial development. Offering large lots, direct access to utilities, and easy connections to road and rail service, many firms soon expanded or moved their entire operation into these brand-new facilities. Looking for ways to lower costs and speed construction time, architects and builders took a closer look at “tip-up” construction for concrete structures. Using large molds, wall sections were cast directly at the job site. When cured, a crane would literally tip up each finished panel into position for final attachment to the floor and support structure. Still used for all sizes of warehouses, manufacturing pants and more, today you’ll also find tip-up commercial, residential and public buildings as well.

On this page you can check out the current selection of kits and accessories – watch for more items coming soon – along with tips and ideas to help you start planning and building your own industrial park.

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