Structures help tell your railroad’s story. When you’re starting out a few houses, businesses and a train depot add fun for your train set. But on a layout, think of Union Station, a bustling gateway to the city where passenger trains from several railroads come together. Chances are the railroads that go there are large systems that have, or once had plenty of passenger traffic. The big station building is a far cry from a wooden depot in a small town. One mixed train stops each day – passenger cars are spotted at the platform as the locomotive works the adjacent team track, grain elevator or oil dealer. Buildings can also convey an era. A small industry building like a corrugated-metal coal tipple for loading a few hoppers can date back to the early 1900s, but tall coal flood loaders with silos for loading entire trains have been around only since the 1970s. When you search for structures for your HO, N or O Scale layout you’ll find everything from houses to businesses and bridges to help your railroad tell its story.

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