Milwaukee Road

Milwaukee Road
Milwaukee Road

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Railfans in the 1950s and 60s thrilled to the passage of yellow and gray streamliners all along the Milwaukee Road. Introduced when the Milwaukee began running Union Pacific trains between Omaha and Chicago, and later applied to all long-distance equipment, modeling this classic era is easy with 13 all-new HO Milwaukee cars featuring authentic later details!

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By late 1954, Union Pacific was unhappy with how long-time partner Chicago & North Western handled UP passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago. Work to find a new route began, and on September 20, 1955, Milwaukee Road president John P. Kiley announced that they would handle UP's trains, including the flagship City of Los Angeles, starting October 30. UP required cars in the Cities pool to wear Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray. Milwaukee planned to paint nearly 40 cars for the five trains, but quickly found the UP scheme less expensive to apply and more durable than its own. Starting in 1956, all non-commuter passenger cars and locos began receiving the new colors, which would remain the standard until Amtrak took over in 1971. Modeling this exciting era is a snap with Walthers latest HO releases, featuring 13 different cars factory-finished in yellow and gray. In addition to specific skirting and trucks, select cars include modeler-applied parts for folded (pre-1963) or fixed (post-1963) steps to model early and later versions!
  • Matches Equipment used 1955-1971
  • Correct Armour Yellow, Harbor Mist Gray & Red inspired by the "UP Streamliner Scheme"
  • Modernized Ends
  • Correct Later-Style Diaphragms & Lift Rings
  • Build with Folded (pre-1963) or Fixed (post-1963) Car Steps - Both Styles Included as Appropriate
  • Notched or Straight Side Sills as Appropriate
  • 8' Nystrom Trucks w/Disc or Clasp Brakes as Appropriate
  • Die Cast PROTO-Max™ Knuckle Couplers
  • Modeler-Applied Wire Grab Irons
Build select cars with folded steps (pre-1963)…   …Or Install the fixed steps (post-1963)!
Folded Steps   Fixed Steps