Power and Controls


Power packs, DCC, and NON-DCC, Lighting and More.

Command Control Lighting, Electrical, Motors Power Supply, Sound, Smoke

Traditional power packs offering speed and direction control are still available for DC-powered layouts of every size, and incorporate modern safety and performance features so you get the most fun possible. More modern and precise command and control systems are also available which maximize not only your traction, but your entire layout with lighting features, switching capacity and even sound generation.

Unleash the full potential of your motive power with DCC systems, which deliver constant voltage to the rails, and command signals to onboard receivers (decoders) in each engine. This provides independent control of every loco on your layout, and decoders are also available that let you enjoy authentic sounds and lighting effects. Aftermarket decoders and other components are available to customize models old or new as well.

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