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Tools Painting Adhesives, cleaners, lubricants

The old adage about having the right tools for the job applies to model railroaders too! Most household tools are simply too big, and household cleaners and lubricants aren’t the best choice for use on plastics.

Over the years, a full line of tools for modelers has evolved, that includes smaller versions of many common items such as screwdrivers and rulers, as well as specialty items such as sanding sticks and applicator brushes built for working with smaller projects.

With finer pigments that don’t fill in details, paints color-matched to actual railroad schemes are available for touch-up or custom projects. You’ll also find small bushes, airbrushes and similar tools made especially for hobby painting projects.

Working with many wood, plastic and metals, model railroaders often require different types glue to complete kits or make repairs, many of which are really handy for house-hold chores too. This includes basic white and yellow glue, many different formulas of cements for plastics, as well as a full selection of “super glues” for joining small parts, filling gaps and bonding dissimilar materials.

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