Freight Cars


Freight cars, also known as rolling stock, have always been used to handle the bulk of business for railroads. Cargo moving in boxcars, coal moving in hoppers, oils and liquids moving in tank cars and machinery or other big loads moving on flatcars were, and are longtime mainstays of railroads. In the modern era, covered hoppers loaded with grain and chemicals; auto racks moving autos and trucks; long flatcars carrying trailers and intermodal well cars double-stacked with containers have joined the freight-hauling fleet. In this category you’ll find the common cars mentioned above, plus more specialized freight cars such as work and maintenance cars, steel mill, logging cars and ore cars. The caboose, mostly absent on today’s trains, along with specially decorated commemorative models are all part of the mix you’ll find in a HO, N, O and other scales freight car search.

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