Train Sets

ho scale model train sets complete with power, track, and more
Ho Scale Train Set

Train sets are the easy way to get started with a scale railroad. Many children have fond memories of the train set under the holiday tree. Today many sets are full of great ready to assemble models. The loop of track is easy to assemble and helps get you up and running quickly. A basic power pack is all you need to run your set’s trains. Locomotives and cars are ready for service – just put them on the track and watch them go!

Some sets come with accessories like buildings, signs and basic scenery – perfect for putting you on the right track for moving to a permanent layout! A few sets are controlled with DCC (Digital Command Control), which allows easy operation of more than one train on a single line, and a few sets include sound features for more fun.

With more track comes more trains – extra locomotives and cars. More advanced train-only sets include just the locomotive and cars – perfect for adding more trains with a unified theme such as a coal train or a special passenger train. Some modelers like to model specific real locos and cars while others add equipment they’ve seen or ridden in their lifetime and train-only sets give them the loco and cars they need.

It all has to begin somewhere. Walthers can provide one of many starter freight or passenger train sets in HO, N, O, Z or G scale.

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