Trainman(R) Diesel EMD GP38-2 - Standard DC -- Undecorated

Trainman(R) Diesel EMD GP38-2 - Standard DC -- Undecorated

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  • Undecorated/Unlettered
  • Walthers Part # 751-900

Product Information

A Diesel for Every Post-1970s Layout

The Dash 2 locomotive series, unveiled by EMD in 1972, featured significant changes, such as a solid-state, modular electrical control system and improved engine components designed to increase traction and reduce exhaust emissions. A reliable workhorse, the GP38-2 remains one of the most successful diesels ever built. Most are still in service today.

Features: * Same drive as basic Master Series™, in an affordable locomotive * Five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels * Separately applied hand rails and end railings * Matching cabooses available separately * Locating dimples for grab irons * True scale dimensions with accurate details * Realistic diecast underframes * Equipped with AccuMate® Couplers * 2,600 or 3,600 gallon fuel tank to match prototype


The locomotive comes equipped with Blomberg M trucks and dynamic brakes. It includes a nondynamic brake hood insert and both sizes of fuel tanks.