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Walthers Rolling Stock
60' Express Boxcar - Ready to Run
Walthers Rolling Stock #6045
UPC: 616374023585

Amtrak (Phase V, silver, blue, 2000s Logo)
Walthers Part # 932-6045
HO scale, $31.98, sold out at Walthers

Amtrak handles more bulk mail and packages than ever and many of today's trains now include these specialized freight haulers in the consist. Purpose-built for the job starting in 1996, the cars are fitted with high speed brakes and other Amtrak equipment. While they can carry more than Material Handling Cars (MHCs), they are not equipped with head-end power couplings and are always hauled at the rear of the train.
Modernize your Amtrak Superliner II, Amfleet and Horizon Fleet long- distance trains in minutes with these HO Scale models. Each comes fully assembled and includes separately applied door latch bars, ladders and door release wheels. Working knuckle couplers and metal wheelsets are standard equipment. Expanding your fleet is easy, with two prototype paint schemes to choose from, each with three different cars numbers. (Two in each 2-Pack and a third on Single Cars.)

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