Power Supplies, Sound, Smoke System


Power, sound and smoke go a long way toward making your railroad work. Most starter sets include a basic power pack for controlling locomotives via track power. These traditional controllers are great for getting new modelers up and running quickly, and some folks stick with standard power packs for years before advancing to DCC, or for good.

Also in this category you’ll see that it’s amazing what environmental effects can do to enhance a layout scene. A smoke or steam generator placed near a body of water to create fog, or inside a major industry to create a smoky haze adds environmental realism. Add layout-based sound effects and you’ve transformed a layout scene into a miniature world teeming with action. Sound and smoke effects are easy to add and, like your trains, they’re operated by power packs and power supplies. You’ll find everything you need for your HO, N and O Scale layout and plenty of all scale products and accessories here.

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