Whether you're into history, electronics, art, or activities that bring friends and family together, model railroading is a fun way to explore your interests.


Walthers has everything you need to build a great model railroad. We offer several brands and have partnered with more than 200 companies. We have never been more dedicated to bringing you everything you need to build the model railroad of your dreams, including high-quality train sets, stunning structures, breathtaking scenery and much, much more.

Having so many options can be exciting, but it can also make getting started seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there's good news. Walthers is here to help.

Here are just a few of the resources available to help get you started and to keep you chugging along.

Videos Show You The Possibilities

You can find an almost endless number of model train videos online. We put together a list of great videos we feel are most helpful to beginners.

Walthers recently created a series of videos to illustrate how easy it is to set up and begin a model railroad. You can start with a train set, and keep building, changing, and creating at your own pace.

The World’s Greatest Hobby has a short video, hosted by actor Michael Gross, that is sure to whet your appetite for starting that first layout.)

Our own "Building Together" video shows how model trains can lead to family fun.

Choosing Your Train

Our Train Set Advisor page will help you research, select, locate and the kind of train set that's right for you.

Easy To Use Products

Products that are ready to use right out of the box are great for beginners. They make it simple to get started and let you easily expand your layout as you learn about the hobby. Our WalthersTrainline brand has locomotives, cars, sets, and structures (either kits or already assembled) to help get you off to a good start.

Model Train Organizations

Organizations for model train enthusiasts can give you tons of helpful information. In fact, Walthers sponsors World's Greatest Hobby, which has a great website filled with tips, tools, techniques and much more.

Talk With An Expert

Our experts are also available to give you guidance, answer your questions and to chat about the fun you're going to have. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-4TRAINS (1-800-487-2467) between 8am and 5pm CST, Monday-Friday, or email us at anytime.

Talk With Each Other

Visit us our Walthers Trains Facebook page and get in touch with thousands of folks from all skill levels.

Scale Reference

Z Scale

Z scale was developed in by Märklin in the early 1970's, and is the smallest of all the working models -- so tiny that a little layout will even fit in a briefcase. Most Z trains and equipment are based on European railways.

N Scale

This scale is an ideal choice for apartments or anyone with limited space. N-scale trains are easy to store when not in use and are ruggedly built for trouble-free operation. The small size is fine for teenagers and adults; younger children will need an adult to help to set up or take down a set.

HO Scale

"HO" means "half - o;" models are half the size of O Scale. HO is the most popular scale with the greatest selection of sets and accessories, as it allows lots of railroad action in a small area. Children may need adult help to set up or take down the set.

S Scale

S Scale trains appeared in the 1950s (American Flyer was one of several popular brands) as houses grew smaller. Its chief advantage was size; larger than HO for more detail and improved reliability, but smaller than O Scale so less room was needed for a layout. Today, the selection of kits and assembled items is small, but this has made S Scale popular with modelers who enjoy the challenges of scratchbuilding and kitbashing.

O Scale (also On30, 027)

O Scale trains also include "On30" Sets, which are O Scale models that run on a narrower track -- just 30 scale inches wide. They're ideal for use with Christmas Villages. "O27" gauge sets will take tighter curves -- which makes these O Scale sets a good choice when space for bigger trains is limited. (The number 27 refers to the 27" diameter of a full circle of track.) If you grew up with Lionel trains, you'll remember that they were O Scale models. Ruggedly built, they're a good choice for youngsters or permanent layouts. Many sets feature animated accessories.

G Scale

Big models, sometimes called "Large Scale" trains. Sizes range from 1/22.5 to 1/25 and also includes #1 gauge (1/32 Scale) equipment. The largest electrically powered models, starter sets set up in small areas. Some brands can be used outdoors, in garden layouts. The large size of G-scale trains allows for rugged handling by younger children. Many models have working parts that enhance play value.