Budd Metroliner Electric Multiple Unit Snack Bar Coach - Tsunami Sound & DCC -- Amtrak(R) #868 (Phase I, Wide red & blue Stripes)

Budd Metroliner Electric Multiple Unit Snack Bar Coach - Tsunami Sound & DCC -- Amtrak(R) #868 (Phase I, Wide red & blue Stripes)

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  • Amtrak
  • Walthers Part # 920-14801
    p. 82 2018 HO Scale Reference Book p. 101 2017 HO Scale Reference Book

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Flashing by at 100+mph, Metroliners symbolized American high-speed rail service for years, serving business travelers on Penn Central and later Amtrak as the fastest scheduled trains in the western hemisphere!
Now these history-making trains are back in authentic HO Scale as only Walthers can, with the all-new WalthersProto Metroliner.
Just as the prototypes broke new ground in style and technology, so do our Metroliners! Completely new from roof to rails, we've captured the unique shape of the Coach, Snack Bar Coach and Parlor Car in all-new tooling.
Each comes fully assembled with Walthers real metal stainless steel finish complemented by ultra-sharp Amfleet Phase I paint and lettering including factory-printed car numbers. Fine details, from a full underbody to installed grab irons, from prototypically tinted windows to sprung General Electric or Westinghouse pantographs as appropriate, are all included. Powered by the proven technology of WalthersProto locos, each car has its own high torque motor, driving a powered truck with helical gears, and comes in dual mode Tsunami Sound & DCC (sound operates on DC) or Standard DC versions for every layout.
* Based on Equipment in Service 1968-1982
* All-New Tooling for 3 Prototype Car Styles
* One Helical Geared Power Truck & Skew-Wound High Torque Motor in Each Unit
* Working Headlight, Gyralight, Reversing A-End Red Marker Lights, Number Boards & Interior Lighting
* Classic Amfleet Phase I Scheme on Standard Edition Cars
* Detailed, Spring-Loaded GE or Westinghouse Pantographs per Prototype
* Real Metal Finish Simulates Stainless Steel
* Correct A & B End Details
* All Grab Irons Factory Installed
* Factory-Printed Road Numbers
* Prototypically Accurate Window Tinting
* Available with Factory-Installed Tsunami(R) Sound & DCC (Sound operates on DC)
* Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers
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PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation.