Walthers Cornerstone
Central Gas & Supply -- Kit

Walthers Cornerstone
Central Gas & Supply -- Kit

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  • Walthers Part # 933-3011

Product Information

The Walthers Cornerstone Central Gas & Supply kit is based on typical dealerships throughout North America. Propane distribution facilities are common throughout the country, receiving bulk shipments by rail and truck. The gas is easily converted into a liquid, which is then stored in insulated, cylindrical tanks. Commonly used for home and industrial heating, propane is also widely used as fuel for taxis, trucks and buses. This kit is similar to dealerships from coast to coast, and similar storage and handling facilities can be found alongside railroad shops, grain elevators (elevators may also have nearly identical tanks for anhydrous ammonia storage, which can easily be modeled by shortening the two vent pipes) and many types of industries. Making a larger facility is easy by combining multiple kits. The kit includes the office, two storage tanks, pump houses, and smaller bottles and tanks typical of those used at rural homes.
  • 2 Detailed Propane Tanks
  • Modern Metal Office
  • Pumphouse and Piping
  • Smaller Tanks and Bottles
  • Colorful Decals
  • Great Add-on for Modern Grain Facility and Other Industries

Office: 3-3/8 x 4-3/8" 8.5 x 11.1cm Tanks: 1-1/2 x 9" 3.8 x 22.8cm
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