Farm Machinery (Unpainted Metal Kit) -- Hay Wagon

Farm Machinery (Unpainted Metal Kit) -- Hay Wagon

  • Walthers Part # 284-60012
    p. 391 2019 HO Scale Reference Book

Product Information

Detailed HO Vehicle Models from GHQ

Known for their exquisite detail, cast-pewter vehicle kits from GHQ are great for adding finely detailed pieces to your prominent layout scenes. The 1940s Tracked Crawler will fit into your construction scenes; they’ll also make great flat car loads. The Hay Wagon is a natural addition to any farm, and a row of them at a farm implement dealer will add interest to your commercial scenes. Each kit is made of unpainted, finely cast pewter parts and is easily assembled with cyanoacrylate glue.

Hay Wagon
1940s Tracked Crawler