Vendor Partner Program Information
Want to know more about the Reference Book process or the Vendor Partner Program? You've come to the right page. This page is for Walthers vendors, not for consumers or hobby shops.
How to contact us:
If you have any questions, please contact your Buyer or submit an inquiry via the phone number or email address below:
1-800-877-7171 x7230
Vendor Partner opportunities:
See below for all the marketing opportunities available to you with Walthers Vendor Partner Program, both in the Reference Book, and outside of the book as well.

Click on the item you are interested in to see more information and download a Vendor Partner Promotional Opportunities Rates & Schedules PDF here.
  The Walthers team has proudly served the model railroad industry for over 85 years and continues to do so today. We strive to provide great representation, service and support to our vendors and customers. As part of this commitment, powerful promotional exposure is provided to all the vendors we carry.

The Vendor Partner program is designed for those who would like to amplify exposure and maximize control over their products’ promotional efforts at Walthers.

Over our history, we’ve developed a long list of opportunities – some are tried and true, some are brand new this year. The annual Walthers Reference Book,, the Walthers Flyer, email marketing programs, show booths, box stuffers and so much more are available to help brands connect with buyers all year ‘round.

In 2019, the Reference Book will be published in both print and digital versions! This offers customers the opportunity to get great resource content in the formats they will enjoy most. It provides new opportunities for Walthers vendors, too!
  To be a Vendor Partner, you must be a Walthers vendor in good standing and
  1. Pay for your listing value in the industry’s ‘must have’, one and only Walthers Reference Book.
  2. Provide Walthers with good, usable information to aid in our promotional efforts –follow the Walthers New Item and Image Protocol
  3. Be willing to work together with us – to the degree you would like and are able, to drive your promotional plan at Walthers.
The program offers a slew of standard as well as EXCLUSIVE opportunities to Vendor Partners. These are detailed below.

Custom designed listing
Listing size is determined by vendor within size limits established by Walthers
Listing input and proof approval

Use of:
  • Logos
  • Multiple column images
  • Descriptive brand and product copy
Access to Additional Reference Book Opportunities
COST $80 per column, $150 Reference Book Development Fee
  Vendor Partners can maximize their exposure with EXCLUSIVE opportunities and discounted rates:

Additional Opportunities:

Ability To Expand Listing — $75 per column additional to 2018 listing column count
Deluxe Index Listing — $250
Custom Billboard(s) on Sign Page — $250
Front or Back Cover Product Feature*
Front Cover — $10,000
Back Cover — $6,500
Product Advertorial
1/4 page — $1,200
1/2 page — $2,000
1 Page — $3,500

Exclusive Opportunities*:

Section Intro Sponsorship — $1,250
Getting Started Section Sponsorship — $1,500
Coupon Sponsorship – call for more information
Digital Reference Book
Directory Listings
Category Videos

*Limited availability, first come, first serve.
[For all Vendor Partner and Non Vendor Partner available opportunities and rates, click here]
  NEW: EXCLUSIVE Digital Promotion Packages, including:
  • Consumer Email features
  • Dealer Email features
  • Social Media features
These packages provide guaranteed impressions, reaching a large, qualified audience of buyers. Contact us to learn more!

For Digital Promotion Package information and rates, click here.
  FREE logo on
  FREE video posting on
  FREE Product rotation in Partner Spotlight on front page
  ACCESS to Walthers promotional opportunities, at discounted rates
Opportunities in the Reference Books:

Deluxe index
Make your product line stand out in Walthers Reference Books with these dynamic listings. The most-read section of every Reference Book, modelers and dealers use the index daily to quickly find what they need. Deluxe Index Listings feature a color logo, background tint for easy spotting and include three new product and/or brand name listings.


Combine the authoritative information of articles with the pizzazz of advertising! You can showcase product features and benefits with additional photos, close-ups of details, drawings, diagrams, testimonials and prototype and historical information. Your advertorial is sure to generate interest in your product!



Section IntrosSection Intros - Exclusively Available to Vendor Partners
Section intros give readers a practical, how-to pictorial with tips and techniques for using
your product. Simply provide a full-color photo that relates to the section, showing your
finished products in a layout, module or diorama scene and include basic caption information. Most products are excellent subjects for this special showcase, and modelers love these larger format photos that inspire them to add your products to their layouts.


CoversCovers - Exclusively Available to Vendor Partners
Turn the spotlight on your products by featuring them on a front or back cover. And, readers can find out more about your featured models and where to find your listings with the "On the Cover" info inside.




Sign Sheet InsertCustom HO Scale Billboard on Reference Book Sign Sheet Insert - Exclusively Available to Vendor Partners
Our easy-to-use billboards have been a staple for years, and modelers look forward to each year's new set. They're a great way to get your name front and center on customers' layouts as they display the colorful, business-card-sized advertisements in prominent places. They'll also be seen by thousands of modelers paging through the Reference Book.


'Getting Started' Section Sponsorship - Exclusively Available to Vendor Partners
We believe it's our obligation to serve and support those who have been modeling for years and to help newcomers find success with this fine hobby of ours. This content will help guide newcomers as they get started. Limited sponsorship opportunities are available - call us to learn more.
Section IntrosCoupon insert opportunity
Drive product purchase through a coupon inserted in the Reference Book. Call us to learn more about pricing and redemption requirements.


Sponsored Category Content Publishing Opportunity
Provide category content to us, we will publish with attribution and format for the book, web and your own use. Call for more information.
Opportunities in Web and Electronic Communications:
Custom Web Page12-month Dedicated Custom Web Page
Our digital artists will create a page on for your brand. We'll also provide you a dedicated url (for example: that's easy to remember and share on other social media.



Consumer EmailFeatured Product in a Consumer Email
Display a product of your choice in the Featured Products section of Walthers E-Update (circulation over 50,000) or other promotional email, complete with headline and a link to purchase it on (Appears in one email newsletter only. May purchase multiples for recurring placement.)


Dealer EmailFeatured Product in a Dealer Email
A product of your choice is displayed in the Walthers Shop Talk email (reaches close to 2,000 dealers) with a short description and a link to purchase it on (Appears in one email newsletter only. May purchase multiples for recurring placement.)


Dedicated Promotional Email
Our digital artists will create an email specific
to your product or message and mail it to our
special promotion email list or an agreed upon custom list.



Walthers Video
Creation of Video and Posting to Walthers Video Library
Our digital artists will produce a video specific to your product or message, and host it on video page and Walthers YouTube channel.

The video will remain active as long as Walthers continues to carry the product.


Social Media
NEW! Social Media
Leveraging the power of social media is something every business should be doing and with Walthers you gain direct social access to our incredible audience of model railroaders of every scale, era, and road name. This opportunity includes Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and more added constantly.



NEW! Exclusive Limited Quantity Available Digital Packages are available this year - more information to come!


Opportunities in WALTHERS Flyer:
Cover Product FeatureCover Product Feature
Feature your products prominently on either the front or back cover of the monthly sale Flyer. Purchase a cover, and you'll automatically get an "On the Cover" listing inside.


Table of ContentsTable of Contents Feature
The first place customers look for information is also the most premium placement, aside from our covers. With a listing in our Table of Contents, you'll have an immediate showcase for your item listed inside.



Featured Product

Flyer Featured Product Listing
The Walthers Flyer is an excellent opportunity to stand out in print. A featured product listing includes additional visibility with detail, photo and location enhancements. Get excellent product visibility at a fraction of the investment with a full page ad or cover.


Blow-In Card Insertion (card supplied by vendor)
With a Blow-In Card in our Walthers Flyer, you'll get the same opportunity for exposure and you aren't limited to a particular product section. The content is entirely up to you; however, Walthers must approve it.
Additional Marketing Opportunities:
Order Stuffers - Exclusively Available to Vendor Partners
Get your message to active Walthers customers quickly and affordably with box stuffers. Easily customized for any occasion, it's a great way to alert customers about special sales, new products, upcoming events and much more. You can also target dealers, consumers or both for maximum impact, and tie in your stuffer with other Vendor Partner opportunities.

*All opportunities have limited availability and are granted on a first come, first serve basis.
Information Deadlines:
For information deadlines please view our Vendor Partner Promotional Opportunities Rates & Schedules PDF.

All enhancement opportunities are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Walthers retains the right to edit submitted materials for content, grammar and length, design and produce layouts, determine suitability of images and set page placement in accordance with our publication standards.

Program elements may change as we are always creating new opportunities. Contact us to learn more - we are here to help!
Image Specifications, New Item Protocol
Help us help you!
In order to most effectively and efficiently promote your products, we ask that you supply us with information using our New Item and Image Protocol found here.