Welcome to Walthers!

We are excited that you’ve found Walthers, and that you’ve made the decision to become part of the best hobby on earth, model railroading. It’s no surprise to us that you’ve managed to discover the largest supplier of model railroading products. Walthers is here to help you build the layout of your wildest dreams, or build a scene in time exactly how you remember it.

Walthers can be especially useful as you reach different stages in your layout’s development, your modeling skillset, and your acquisition of locomotive power and rolling stock. Our promise is simple; we will provide all the things necessary to build your layout, which is why we have created our own branded products as well as offer those from hundreds of manufacturers around the world.

Some great links to get you started:

Getting Started – What you need to know to build your own successful layout.
The Reason, The Story – What are your goals?
Budget – Something for everyone.
Space – Pros and cons of different locations.
Start With a Firm Foundation – How to build the table for your first layout.
Get Started On The Right Track – There are countless ways to arrange track on your railroad.
Wiring That Won't Tie You In Knots – Wiring the railroad is a favorite part of the hobby for many modelers.
Five Things To Remember – Working on a model railroad project is fun.
Train Set Advisor – Walthers can help you select the right set to get you rolling.
Walthers Track – If you want a custom layout, you will need to plan for the tracks.
Getting Started in the Hobby – Simple resources to help you get started on the right foot.

Model Railroad Clubs

Modeling clubs are a great way to meet people and learn directly from those people with the greatest experience. Why not check out a club and head over to a meeting. Ask any club member about model railroading and you will surely begin an excellent conversation that you will never forget.

To find a club near you visit the NMRA’s Club Directory

Some great videos to get you started